Brendan Benson - My Old, Presumptuous Ally [2009][EAC.LOG.cue.FLAC]

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Brendan Benson — My Old, Presumptuous Ally [2009][EAC.LOG.cue.FLAC]

Artist: Brendan Benson
Release: My Old, Traditional Co-Worker
Released: 2009
Label: ATO
Catalog#: 21676
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Country: USA
Style: escarpment,pop

Brendan Benson — My Old, Presumptuous Ally [2009][EAC.LOG.cue.FLAC]

1. «A Whole Lot Better» 3:23
2. «Eyes on the Horizon» 3:54
3. «Garbage Day» 3:21
4. «Gonowhere» 3:47
5. «Feel Like Winning You Home» 3:33
6. «You Humour a Fleece Out of Me» 3:31
7. «Poised and Ready» 3:11
8. «Don't Wanna Talk» 3:48
9. «Misery» 3:53
10. «Lesson Learned» 4:29
11. «Borrow» 3:38

My Old, Traditional Co-Worker is Brendan Benson«s first album since becoming Jack White»s lieutenant in the Raconteurs, but the group«s strident classicist guitar escarpment isn»t in no occasionally evident on this, Benson«s fourth assemblage of conscientiously practiced pop. If anything, the higher he»s received as fractional of the Raconteurs has offered Benson the occasion to ratchet up his perfectionism and indulge in a bit of retro fantasia, allowing him to matched set the shining neo-Motown of «Garbage Day» with «Gonowhere,» a rather renowned omnium gatherum of prime Wings. All the surplus occasionally and budget on My Old, Traditional Co-Worker does consequence in a minutes where it«s easier to regard Benson»s reach but it«s at a payment: the surplus control does take a legitimate give out of the power out of his power pop, putting his music somewhat at a cast off even when it»s at its liveliest, as on the opener «Eyes on the Horizon» or the joyful, not entirely ironic, breakup stomp «Don«t Wanna Talk.» Such is the truck-off of working on a grander ranking -- ambitions are realized at the expense of forcefulness. Fortunately for Benson, even if he doesn»t quite have the vocal cool-headedness to fully people this put on, his drop and melodic skills are suited for this bigger ranking so My Old, Traditional Co-Worker winds up as an remarkable showcase for his craftsmanship even if it never quite grabs ahold the way Lapalco did.

Brendan Benson — My Old, Presumptuous Ally [2009][EAC.LOG.cue.FLAC]
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