Gennett Old Spell Music - Excellent Nation 1927-34 (4CD)

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Gennett Old However Music: Definitive Woods Recordings 1927-1934 (4CD, 320kb)

CD-A John D. Nurture, Ernest V. Stoneman, Ernest V. Stoneman & His Grayson County Boys
CD-B Red Fox Chasers, Oscar L. Coffey, Ted Chestnut
CD-C Fiddlin« Doc Roberts, Taylor»s Kentucky Boys, Marion Underwood, Ted Gossett's Bandeau, Tommy Whitmer, John Hammond
CD-D Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters, Byrd Moore

Study by Steve Leggett.

Although best known for its jazz releases, Fred GennettΓÇÖs self-named Gennett Records peg also did national recording in the exurban ethnic group fashion, tracking various singers and train bands from the South in the 1920s and 1930s. This warm four-disc set compiled by Chris Majesty collects nearly 100 of these rare sides issued between 1927 and 1934, including at the crack recordings by Ernest Stoneman, the Red Fox Chasers, FiddlinΓÇÖ Doc Roberts, and a triplex of good-looking clawhammer banjo pieces from John Hammond. Contemporary woods grew out of these kinds of clandestinely-porch performances, and what they be without in terminate and sleekness they more than put to rights up for with immaculate humanity and soul.

Study by Amazon.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Gennett may have been trifling in balance to labels like Champion and Columbia but they recorded some of the most impressive slices of American music. Although their catalogue is best known for jazz, they also recorded many exurban performers and train bands. Here are some of the rarest and best. Gennett were up ahead of the stratagem. Just three months after Champion had an first seating with Robertson and Gilliland, they themselves had fiddle trouper William B. Houchins cut three sides. Then they recorded John D. Nurture a month before Jimmy Rodgers« launching for the Champion peg. Nurture was not a »singing brakeman« or a »blue yodeller«, but he was nonetheless a cool songbird and guitar trouper whose recording job would perpetuate after Rodger»s expiration. On this anthology we visage nineteen of Foster«s best recordings. Also featured are sizeable helpings of cool talents like Ernest Stoneman, the Red Fox Chasers, Fiddlin» Doc Roberts and Da Costa Woltz«s Southernm Broadcasters among many others. This is veritable »country« music, performed by artists who had first-worker ordeal of the triumphs and troubles they define — a far cry, arguably, from the sounds of today. But most impressive, this was music that was designed to help toilsome-pressed folks to neglect doing their cares for an hour or two. Even if it doesn»t have you leaping up with a hoot and a holler, you'll remark your feet tapping along.

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