Tom Segura - Waxen Girls With Cornrows

  • 16.06.2016, 08:32,
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Throughout his sophomore delivering, fool Tom Segura offers a hilariously cynical impression of present-day fellowship, sorrowful ruminations about the people around us and, perhaps most importantly, some words of perceptiveness, a assign of which center around the caption of the album, Light-Skinned Girls with Cornrows.

Self-released by Segura, Light-Skinned Girls takes aim at guys who creep by cowboy hats ΓÇö ΓÇ£I think itΓÇÖs every now to see an end to the man who walks around in patent with a cowboy hat on like heΓÇÖs not wearing a cowboy hat in patent. That shit is ridiculous.ΓÇ¥ ΓÇö to, well, light-skinned chicks who creep by cornrows. Combining the snarky observations and often ill-animated rants fans have come to imagine from the co-multitude of the much-loved podcast, Your MomΓÇÖs Forebears, Segura takes his audience on a cutting comedic surliness eruption as he firmly rips apart his deprecating obstaclesΓÇô both right and imagined.

The Los Angeles-based, Cincinnati-bred Segura has graced the juncture on Conan, has starred in his own Comedy Essential Presents and has appeared on Russell Peters Presents on Showtime and Complete at Gotham– as well as performing at some of the top comedy festivals in the happy, hitting Montreal, Vancouver and Melbourne. So, he’s most definitely in a stand to respect and piece about taste. Hence his theory on light-skinned girls who creep by a dash of cut made famed by Paul Pry Dogg: “You can always tell when you’re in a unpredictable neighborhood,” Segura cautions, “when you see light-skinned girls with cornrows…if you ever see a light-skinned maiden with cornrows, just know that she is down for whatever. You don’t see it a lot, but where you do see it, is on stir shows.”

It seems few topics are off-limits for Segura, but despite how much he has to say about others, he knows that the best humor starts with himself (highlighted by a colorful light-skinned about being caught masturbating and a theory about his ever-degenerating talent to have gracious sex) or with his kinfolk: it seems SeguraΓÇÖs cousin Brian thinks heΓÇÖs an inventor; by the comedianΓÇÖs respect, however, ΓÇ£heΓÇÖs just an asshole.ΓÇ¥And although Segura can be comfortably classified as depreciatory, he does it with delightfully cynical over tones reminiscent of Jon Lovitz, combined with a laid-recoil from, Eugene Mirman-like velocity that come together to develop an hour of comedy that leaves you hint a bit sorrowful (and perhaps surprised at yourself) for laughing so heartily at others.

01 Intro
02 Los Angeles Is Spanish
03 Light-Skinned Girls With Cornrows
04 Every Kinfolk Has Stupid
05 Animalistic Man
06 Ass Hats
07 People Want to Connect
08 Destiny
09 Nyc
10 Inspiration
11 Where the Dudes At_
12 My Downfall
13 Caught By Strangers
14 Confusing Words
15 Worse At Sex
16 Bonus_ a Mexican Light-Skinned

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