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Instrumental — Ambient — Greek — New Age

Best of Narada New Age (2 CDs) (2002) Various Artists — FLAC/MP3 Review
The relations New Age has received more than its unbiased percentage of mockery over the years, and not without proper. Much of the class offers huffish of service music, but much of it is also watered-down, down-to-earth-listening variations of other genres and forms. This two-for-one compilation of music released by Narada over the last 20 years presents both sides of the schism.

Ironically, the best music here is more of the global realm of possibilities than present-day of service, including Greg Ellis«s percussion and words tapestry from his alone album, Kala Rupa, Axiom of Realm Of Possibilities »s newfangled Persian fusion on «Parvaz (Getaway),» and Kazu Matsui«s atmospheric Asian soundscapes. Some more-usual pieces tolerate out as well, including the tag follow from David Arkenstone»s come out, Valley in the Clouds, and Jonn Serrie and Gary Stroutsos's thoughtful, ethnoambient «Hidden World.»

The 22 tracks compiled here are a 50-50 proposition, however. Many entries--like the neo-flamenco of Jesse Cook, the piano stylings of Michael Jones, the sleek jazz of Budi Siebert--unproductive toward the syrupy side of the class. Further, some of the label«s best artists--specifically, Peter Buffett, Peter Maunu (who released a eventful alone album in 1990), and Vas (drummer Ellis»s absolute layout)--are not represented here, although that may be because releases by those first two artists are, dejectedly, out-of-run off. This is a unbiased Narada sampler, but certainly not the best the denomination has had to offer.
--Bryan Reesman

Well, that may be Bryan Reesman«s idea, but I say «bushwa» to that! I listened to every one of these songs as I recorded it today, and they are all attractive. It»s a solid album!

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