John Prine - The Singing Mailman Delivers (2CD) (2011) FLAC

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John Prine — The Singing Mailman Delivers (2CD) (2011) FLAC

CD1: Studio (Aug 1970)

01. Hello In There (4:05)
02. Souvenirs (3:20)
03. Prominent High Society Difference Veteran's Blues (inopportune «Sam Stone») (3:40)
04. Ecstasy (3:10)
05. Dismal Brolly (2:31)
06. Aw Heck (1:38)
07. Wrongful Beam (2:38)
08. Flashback Blues (1:47)
09. The Frying Pan (1:19)
10. Bad Grapes (1:59)
11. A Personage, A Bijou, And A Snow Job (1:22)

CD2: Animate (Nov 1970)

01. Flashback Blues (2:38)
02. Hello In There (4:42)
03. Your Ensign Decal Won't Get You Into Utopia Anymore (3:12)
04. The Prominent Compromise (6:04)
05. Dismal Brolly (3:50)
06. Wrongful Beam (3:19)
07. Angel From Montgomery (3:59)
08. A Movables Opportunity (3:48)
09. Hey Movables Lookin' > Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (1:40)
10. Unexcited Man (3:05)
11. Ecstasy (3:37)
12. Prominent High Society Difference Veteran's Blues (inopportune «Sam Stone») (4:36)
13. Spanish Pipedream (2:58)

When John Prine released his self-titled introduction album in 1971, it seemed as if a larger new songwriter had miraculously appeared out of nowhere (or Chicago, which to many folks seemed like inefficiently the same affair at that opportunity), and this set of inopportune Prine recordings suggests that his gifts as a litt appeared fully formed without a prolonged gestation days.

The Singing Mailman Delivers includes Prine's first demo strip, cut at a Chicago announce spot in August 1970, and a recording of the songwriter on-rostrum show business at a Bombastic Burg tribe guild three months later, both put to strip when Prine was still holding down a day job as a erudition transmitter. The studio strip is as simple-hearted as can be, just Prine and his guitar, and the reveal has a bit less of the drawl he would sham later on (which always seemed a bit harbour from a boy born and raised in Illinois), but the songs, all but one of which would appear on his inopportune albums, beat a hasty retreat unscarred he already had a outlandish lyrical reveal -- funny, literate yet down-vocal, and adult beyond his then — 24 years -- and he could promulgate his facts with a unsure poise that was engaging.

The animate strip has a bassist sponsorship Prine on a few songs, but otherwise sounds quite compare favourably with, though he was already attracting a doting audience (they can intone along on several of his tunes) and Prine appears to be having a ball, cracking about aware between tunes, bantering with the audience, and breaking out his Tex Ritter fancy for the end verse of «The Prominent Compromise.» Still, while Prine doesn«t divulge a bit of pretension in fa of an audience, he can also offer into more serious facts like «Hello in There» or «Great High Society Difference Veteran»s Blues« (an inopportune sketch of »Sam Stone») and gently but strongly take his listeners with him. The Singing Mailman Delivers doesn«t do much to rewrite Prine»s inopportune background, but it confirms he revealed a surprising capacity as soon as he put his brainpower to script songs, and it's an amusing summing-up to his catalog for longtime fans.

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