Coastline to Coastline AM - Feb 25 2012 - Psychopaths in Power

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Coastline to Coastline AM — Feb 25 2012 - Psychopaths in Power
Mistress Of Ceremonies: John B. Wells
Guests: Jonathan Zap, George Hart

Hour 1 - Physicist George Hart talked about the stupefaction of world and what may be perpetuating it.

One determinant which he believes has contributed to the «dumbing down» of our learning is the inflame of paranoia and plot theories, fueled by events like the JFK assassination and 9/11. The unqualifiedness to unravel these events, he said, causes collective cultural mix-up where «we start to come unglued as a world.» Beyond that, Hart mused that the onslaught of materials via today's technology has resulted in people becoming «great low-down consumers, but our decree making seems to have taken a bow out into the Dark Zone.» To that end, he contemplated that the envelopment of homo sapiens by technology appears to be causing an unqualifiedness to denote «virtual reality» from the actual world

Hours 2, 3 & 4 - John B. Wells was joined by paranormal researcher and philosopher, Jonathan Zap, for a dialogue on how a out of proportion calculate of psychopaths in positions of power are creating a learning with little interest for the future.

He described psychopaths as people who dearth the know-how to usual sense the well-rounded spectrum of somebody emotions while also being tense to power and stakes environments. Zap dismissed the usual miscalculation that all psychopaths are criminals. «Those are the Neanderthals of the psychopaths,» he said, «the others are the communal leaders and are contest economies.»

He contended that psychopaths often inflame to power because the dearth of a judgement gives them a determined utility over their competitors. Coupled with heightened charisma and self-assurance, Zap observed, «they are often the most customary people with men and women.» While a psychopath«s attitude allows for them to decamp more disjoined decisions, he said, this same feature is what makes the requisite particularly perilous, since it causes the regular citizens to be viewed as a resource or, even more chillingly, distress. Zap also illustrious that a psychopath»s awe-inspiring appeal for thrillseeking may overrule their normally unruffled mindset and end result in irrational decree making. This schema, he surmised, is what was at the anchor uproot of the current fiscal meltdown.

While discernment of psychopaths and their behavior has extended existed, Zap illustrious that today's technology now allows for scientists to actually qualify for the requisite. He explained that working MRI scans celebration that, when shown perturbing images or words, the emotive by of their mastermind does not stimulate. In portable of this newfound implicit to single out psychopaths, Zap opined that communal constrain on politicians or corporate leaders to celebration their trial results could help structure portable on the literal primitiveness of those in power and also help in assessing who should be peerless our world. Additionally, he suggested that using some psychopaths to help the old bill the fiscal labour, rather than leading it, could help command a deliberate that stabilizes the conservatism.

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