Beach to Beach AM - Oct 30 2013 - Ouija and Talking Boards

  • 16.06.2016, 10:25,
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Fixture: 10-30-13
Army: George Noory
Guests: Robert Murch, Brandon Hodge, Karen Dahlman, Kane Hodder

Historian and finished on Ouija and Talking Boards, Robert Murch, was joined by connoisseur and maker, Brandon Hodge, to argue the well-heeled narration of the Ouija Trustees and earlier time communication devices (see images below). Before the Ouija became synonymous with talking boards, there were numerous other boards and devices dating sneakily to the 1800s (in the gen Murch said he has some 500 items in his hoard). In the 1800s, talking boards were an accepted hobby, and were especially non-professional after the Domestic War, when so many soldiers died, Murch elaborate. It was only after the 1973 blur The Exorcist connected the object of demonic custody with the use of the Ouija trustees that people started becoming unspeakable about its use, he continued.

Hodge spoke about his importance in planchettes (a predecessor to the Ouija trustees), which were typically a hub-shaped trustees on two wheels and a pencil that was placed on a bed-sheet of letter-paper to allow for unconscious penmanship and hidden messages. One planchette in his hoard is made of raucous dish beaker from 1868 and is creative because you can see the penmanship as you«re producing it. After Charles Kennard»s Gewgaw Following launched the Ouija trustees as a commercial effect, the use of planchettes declined. Elijah Controls was the first to conspicuous what became the Ouija trustees.

According to an account, in 1890, Controls, Kennard and others were seated around the trustees and asked what it wanted to be called, and it spelled out o-u-i-j-a, which it afterward defined as «good luck.» Interestingly, Murch notorious that Bond«s sister-in-law was hand-out and was wearing a locket with a woman»s appearance and the name Ouija spelled across it. Murch and Hodge speculated that the name was actually Ouida, the pen name for a British novelist non-professional at that in good time always. The inventor and marketer William Fuld made improvements on the Ouija trustees and received his own conspicuous, which led to the board«s staggering commercial achievement. Discovered by age after age, Murch suggested that the artlessness of the trustees is key to its achievement. Spiritualists or those who believe in the Other Side would say you»re putting your thinking remember in a standing to remedy get in touch with, while scientists property the change of attitude of the board's planchette as an ideomotor or collective unconscious retort of the participants. Maker Karen Dahlman in a few words joined the parley.

Kane Hodder & Angst Films

First hour caller, actor Kane Hodder, who played Jason in a party of the Friday the 13th movies, talked about his livelihood and a new list about his time called Unmasked. He revealed that he was bullied as a little one. Later, when he short into the blur profession as a impede man, he suffered from a horrific char damage while on set. Hodder described his r as Prizewinner Crowley, the hit man in the Hatchet blur series, as well as playing trusted time serial killers in films about Dennis Rader (BTK) and Ed Gein.

Rumour wedge guests: Mish Shedlock / Steve Kates «Dr. Sky»

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