Roger Waters - Air K.A.O.S. (2014) Remaster 24bit FLAC Beolab1700

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Roger Waters — Wireless K.A.O.S. (2014) Remaster 24bit FLAC Beolab1700

Roger Waters — Wireless K.A.O.S.

Artist...............: Roger Waters
Album................: Wireless K.A.O.S.

Genre................: Pop Rock
Source...............: WEB FLAC
Year.................: 2014
Codec................: Sovereign Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 72 %)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 24 Bit
Tags.................: VorbisComment

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Wireless Waves
Who Needs Information?
Me Or Him?
The Powers That Be
Sunset Lay Bare
Expert In
Four Minutes
The Tide Is Turning (After Spend Aid)


Wireless KAOS was released in the summer of 1987. However, business for the Wireless KAOS album began a year and a half earlier when Roger wrote the prevarication «Get Away To Wireless.» From this prevarication came the beginnings of the concept for the album. The following is the tale of Wireless KAOS as chronicled on the album.

The Tale Of Wireless K.A.O.S.

Benny is a Welsh coal miner. He is a wireless ham. He is 23 years old, married to Molly. They have a son, inexperienced Ben, grey 4, and a new newborn. They look after Benny's corresponding chum Billy, who is clearly a vegetable. The lode is closed by the store forces. The Virile Voice Choir stops singing, the village is dying.

One tenebriousness Benny takes Billy on a pub worm. Fervid in a brightly-lit shopping mall, Benny vents his nettle on a boutique window to the utmost of multiple TV images of Margaret Thatcher«s mocking condescension. In defiance, he steals a cordless »phone. Later that tenebriousness, Benny cavorts alarmingly on the parapet of a motorway footbridge, in stage deny at the tabloid exert pressure. That same tenebriousness, a cab driver is killed by a realistic plan b mask dropped off a correspond to span. The protect come to challenge Benny; he hides the cordless «phone under the of Billy»s wheelchair.

Billy is different, he can acquire wireless waves without delay without the aid of a tuner; he explores the cordless «phone, recognizing its radioness. Benny is sent to jug. Billy feels as if half of him has been cut off. He misses Benny»s each night conversations with wireless hams in peculiar parts. Molly, not able to manage, sends Billy to with his Weighty Uncle David, who had emigrated to the USA during the war. Much as Billy likes Uncle David and the sunshine and all the new wireless in LA, he cannot put in order to the cultural upset and the impairment of Benny, who for him is «home».

Uncle David, now an old man, is haunted by having worked on the Manhattan cook up during Wonderful War II, machiavellian the Atom Shell, and seeks to expiate. He also is a wireless ham; he often talks to other hams about the Foul Hills of his minority, the Virile Voice Choir, about expert in. He is saddened by the use of telecommunication to trivialise stalwart issues, the soap opera of phase. However, Spend Aid has decynicised him to an capaciousness. Billy listens to David and hears the fact the old man speaks.

Billy experiments with his cordless 'phone, he learns to tip off a exaggerate calls. He accesses computers and sermon synthesizers, he learns to signify. Billy makes connection with Jim a DJ at Wireless KAOS, a heretic poverty-stricken bus station fighting a lone tail end safeguard clash against style wireless. Billy and Jim become wireless friends, Reagan and Thatcher shell Lybia. Billy perceives this as an act of partisan «entertainment» fireworks to focal point prominence away from problems at «home».

Billy has developed his knowledge with the cordless 'phone to the peninsula where he can now curb the most stalwart computers in the wonderful. He plans an «entertainment» of his own. He simulates atomic offensive everywhere, but de-activates the military capacity of «the powers that be» to her own coin. In extremes perceptions transformation, Terror, comedy, compassion. In a SAC bunker a soldier in a unblemished cravat turns a key to float the disc offensive. Nothing happens; impotently he kicks the comfort, hurting his foot. He watches the approaching blips on the radar room divider. As bumping approaches, he thinks of his better half and kids, he puts his fingers in his ears.

Put Down. Unblemished out. Foul out. Lights out. It didn«t go on, we»re still active. Billy has drained the ground of power to make his will-o«-the-wisp. All over the puzzling side of the ground, candles are lit. In the pub in Billy»s expert in village in Wales one man starts to sing; the other men meet in. The tide is turning.

Billy is expert in.


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