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Ouija Communications/ Fleet SEALS

Year: 11-10-14
Mob: George Noory
Guests: Tracy Twyman, Howard E. Wasdin

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In the first half, whizzo in esoteric record Tracy Twyman discussed her industry using the Ouija table as a exploration embellish for exploring secret mysteries. Their experimentation began in 2001, when she and several others attempted to use the Ouija table to in the deceased French artist Jean Cocteau to learn more about the stately bloodline of France, and the Sacred Grail. From there, they were led to the inclination of the «Black Sun»-- Cain, the liquidator from the Bible. Finally, they began using the table to be in contact with Baphomet, a freak with a goat aspect who is essentially male/female, essentially human/animal. He is sometimes kindness of as the hell-cat, and associated with alchemy and the god of communication Hermes, she said. Recently, Baphomet well-versed her that the «gates of hell» had been opened in July.

While Twyman does not take undertake everything these overcast spirits tell her, she's originate that they can anticipate artistic arousal and true details from the underworld or «other world.» For exemplar, she lettered from Cain that the origins of the ready Chess come from an earlier perfunctory ready called Ageio cognate to the be unsuccessful of Atlantis and the be unsuccessful of Adam. Interestingly, she famous that Ouija table contacts with late people or ghosts are actually more treacherous than interactions with demons, as the deceased care for to have more of a unenthusiastic influence.


Howard E. Wasdin served in the U.S. Fleet for twelve years, nine as essentially of the SEAL Teams and was awarded the Silver-Toned Incomparable and the Purple Resolution. In the latter half, he talked about the training and rigor required to become a SEAL, and the method of assimilating break weighing down on into civilian individual that most veterans aspect after the trauma and drugged dramatic art associated with serving their provinces. A new contemplation has originate that among soldiers who restoring, those who have pester sleeping have worse PTSD symptoms.

He recalled being wounded in the clash of Mogadishu in Somalia in 1993. «What most people don't know is the people we were fighting in Somalia-- some of them were al Qaeda, some of them were trained by al Qaeda,» he said, adding that America has a «nasty habit» of not finishing job with countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Wasdin shared his exclusive about how he finally became a chiropractor after he returned from spar, and the value of this nearly equal in treating Vets with various haleness problems, as opposed to surgery and pharmaceuticals.

Talk fragment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Chris Geo



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