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Years: 1967 - present
Labels: Pornographic Compass, Reprise, Warner Bros, Sire, CBS Europe, Epic, Sanctuary

***Note Fleetwood Mac – The Confinement: 25 Years has been added into this outburst (Corner 2) of this 2 corner Fleetwood Mac outburst due to some tracks in Corner 1 not working. Off The Confinement: 25 Years in Corner 1 and keep it from Corner 2 as all tracks should now work.***


This is Corner 2 of a 2 corner Torrent

Here's the bond to corner 1:




English Rose 1969
The Godlike Bird of Commendable Augury 1969
Rumours Outtakes 1977
The Vaudeville Years: 1968 – 1970 (1998)
The Authentic Pornographic Compass Sessions 1967 – 1969 (1999)
The Confinement: 25 Years 1999

Solo Work

Mick Fleetwood

Something Big 2004

Stevie Nicks

Bella Donna 1981
The Mutinous Concern 1983
Rock a Little 1985
The Other Side of the Reflection 1989
Timespace: Greatest Hits 1991
Enchanted 1998
Trouble in Shangri-La 2001
The Soundstage Sessions 2009

Lindsey Buckingham

Buckingham Nicks (including Demo’s) 1973 (Bootleg -Vinyl)
Law and Systematization 1981
Vacation Soundtrack (2 songs) 1983
Go Addle-Pated 1984
Back to the To Be To Come Soundtrack (1 ditty) – 1985
With Honors Soundtrack (1 ditty) — 1994
Out of the Cradle 1992
Words & Music: A Retrospective 1992
Under the Epidermis 2006
Gift of Screws 2008

Christine McVie

Christine Authentic – The Authentic Pornographic Compass Sessions 1970 (2008)
Christine McVie 1984

Audiochecker Log

There’s an audiocheck folder gift as I ran audiochecker to validate how true these lossless albums were. I’m tickled pink to description everything looks commendable although there is an distinct victim of some untruthful positives. I don’t have found out why Tango in the Gloaming results came up so improperly using Audiochecker as it was a rip by me using EAC. I then re-ripped Tango in the Gloaming and checked it again with Audiochecker and the same crap results occured. I had a downloaded duplicate (with log dossier) of the album and checked that as well and it had, yet again, the same crap results. My rip of Question to Me is, according the Audiochecker, 100%. Same with Timespace: Best of Stevie Nicks and Stevie Nicks Soundstage Sessions.

So this just confirms my suspicions of Audiochecker occurring some untruthful positives as I had figured in the before. I wouldn’t uneasiness about it if some songs from an album have a MPEG conceivability as big as most songs are CDDA then you know its commendable. You’re just going to have to charge me on Tango in the Gloaming being true since most are MPEG according to Audiochecker.

Please help grounds these FLACs!

A Big thanks goes out to Demonoid members Oneanight (oan), Wishyouwerehere, Markshan, Loc Blazer, ukras, HellraiserRG, danhigh7, Waynelap and TheFunNun for their Fleetwood Mac contributions. Another thanks goes out to DLedin & Galemark who did the Buckingham Nicks vinyl rip. Guys, this sounds fictitious! Mammoth job and such a overwhelming album. Another big thanks goes to the members of torrents.ru where I downloaded many of the older studio albums and compilations. Many were in Monkey’s Audio (APE) design so I converted to FLAC. I know my correlation took a humongous hit but offer way it some in the adept old days b simultaneously and I can grounds lodged with someone what I took!

*Note: Some Folders you will perceive 2 or even 3 cue files. I sinistral all the cue files in the outburst, the ones that say «cue_cutter» are the new cue files when I converted an ape to flac or had to split the tracks from one imposingly FLAC. Look for these «cutter cues» if your planning to reconvert them in any which way.

From Wiki:

Fleetwood Mac are a British/American swing body formed in 1967 which have practised a cheerful total business of personnel and assorted levels of big name. From the band's inception through the end of 1974, no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted as big as two years.

The only colleague gift in the body from the very commencement is its namesake drummer Mick Fleetwood. Bassist John McVie, despite his giving corner of his name to the body, did not misplaced humble on their first only nor at their first concerts. Keyboardist Christine McVie has, to ancient, appeared on all but two albums, either as a colleague or as a period musician. She also supplied the artwork for the album «Kiln House».


English Rose

English Rose could be considered the third album by Fleetwood Mac, released in January 1969 (see 1969 in music). It was at a US-only compilation, combining 6 tracks from the UK-only Mr. Wonderful (*), 3 UK non-album only sides (**), two not-yet-released songs from the UK interpretation of Then Misplaced Humble On (***) and one other beforehand unreleased trail (****). It overlaps the 1969 non-US The Godlike Bird of Commendable Augury compilation LP by five songs (^).

It is available as of January 2007 as a Japanese intimation. It is also available on BGO Records in the UK. Mick Fleetwood appears in potter on the cover.


1. «Stop Messin' Round» (Adams, Verdant) – 2:22*^
2. «Jigsaw Perplex Blues» (Kirwan) – 1:36**^
3. «Doctor Brown» (Brown, Glasco) – 3:46*
4. «Something By Nature of Me» (Kirwan) – 3:57****
5. «Evenin' Boogie» (Spencer) – 2:42*
6. «Love That Burns» (Adams, Verdant) – 5:05*
7. «Black Hypnotic Woman» (Verdant) – 2:48**^
8. «I've Confused My Baby» (Spencer) – 4:17*
9. «One Unclouded Day» (Kirwan) – 3:12***
10. «Without You» (Kirwan) – 4:40***
11. «Coming Home» (James) – 2:40*^
12. «Albatross» (Verdant) – 3:09**^

The Godlike Bird of Commendable Omen

The Godlike Bird of Commendable Augury is a compilation album by Fleetwood Mac, released in 1969 (see 1969 in music). It consisted of the first four UK singles and their B-sides, two tracks from the second album Mr. Wonderful, and two tracks by Blues artist Eddie Boyd with aid by members of Fleetwood Mac. These two tracks came from Boyd's album 7936 South Rhodes.

The US-only compilation English Rose was a compare favourably with containerize with a different trail listing. In 2002, the tracks from this album were repackaged by Sony BMG and released as a new accumulation very closely resembling the 1971 Greatest Hits album, but with the into the bargain of «Shake Your Moneymaker» and «Love That Burns».


1. «Need Your Dear One So Bad» (Little Willie John)
2. «Coming Home» (Elmore James)
3. «Rambling Pony» (Verdant)
4. «The Big Boat» (Eddie Boyd) *
5. «I Believe My In The Adept Old Days B Simultaneously Ain't Long» (Spencer)
6. «The Sun Is Shining» (Spencer)
7. «Albatross» (Verdant)
8. «Black Hypnotic Woman» (Verdant)
9. «Just The Blues» (Boyd) *
10. «Jigsaw Perplex Blues» (Kirwan)
11. «Looking For Somebody» (Verdant)
12. «Stop Messin' Round» (Green/Adams)

Rumours Outtakes

On Walk 23, 2004, Warner Bros. released a remastered album, with a honorarium disc of approximate mixes, outtakes, advanced demos, and period jams, with «Silver Springs» inserted between «Songbird» and «The Chain», but with no other reordering of tracks. «Silver Springs» was at recorded to be on the Rumours album but was trimmed due to duration and released as the B-Side of the only «Go Your Own Way». Nicks got the perception for the when she saw a take on board for Polished Appear, Maryland while driving with Lindsey. The name was, to her, so unequalled that she wrote it into the ditty.


1. «Second Speedily News» (Buckingham) – 2:47
2. «Dreams» (Nicks) – 4:21
3. «Brushes (Never Going Lodged With Someone Again)» (ancillary) (Buckingham) – 2:50
4. «Don't Stop» (C. McVie) – 3:33
5. «Go Your Own Way» (Buckingham) – 3:06
6. «Songbird» (C. McVie) – 3:11
7. «Silver Springs» (Nicks) – 6:07
8. «You Clear Loving Fun» (C. McVie) – 4:56
9. «Gold Dust Charwoman #1» (Nicks) – 5:02
10. «Oh Daddy» (C. McVie) – 3:58
11. «Think About It» (Nicks) – 2:55
o Re-recorded later for Nicks' first solitary album Bella Donna.
12. «Never Going Lodged With Someone Again» (Buckingham) – 1:56
13. «Planets of the Universe» (Nicks) – 3:18
o Re-recorded later for Nicks' Bother in Shangri-La.
14. «Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)» (C. McVie) – 2:11
o Chord intensification was used in «The Chain».
15. «Gold Dust Woman» (Nicks) – 5:01
16. «Doesn't Anything Last» (Buckingham) – 1:10
17. «Mic the Screecher» (jam) (Fleetwood) – 0:59
18. «For Duster (The Blues)» (jam) (Buckingham, J. McVie, C. McVie, Fleetwood) – 4:26

The Vaudeville Years

The Vaudeville Years of Fleetwood Mac 1968 To 1970 is an album by British blues swing body Fleetwood Mac, released in 1998. It was a compilation of outtakes and unreleased tracks from the band's advanced speech-up, none of which had beforehand seen the delicate of day officially. Available on treacherous vinyl LP and treacherous CD, it came with a booklet of humongous notes and anecdotes, and was the manual measure to Appearance-Biz Blues: Fleetwood Mac 1968-70, which was released a few years later.


Disc 1

1. «Intro / Shiftless Poker Blues» (Green/Adams) – 3:48
2. «My Baby's Sweeter» (Dixon) – 3:53
3. «Love That Burns» (Green/Adams) – 4:15
4. «Talk To Me Baby» (James) – 3:37
5. «Everyday I Have The Blues #1» (Chatman) – 4:13
6. «Jeremy's Contribution To Doo-Wop» (Spencer) – 3:34
7. «Everyday I Have The Blues #2» (Chatman) – 4:23
8. «Death Bells» (Hopkins) – 5:05
9. «(Look After Out For Yourself) Mr Jones» (Spencer) – 3:35
10. «Man Of Action» (Spencer) – 5:21
11. «Do You Offer Way A Blast For Me» (Verdant) – 3:45 ~ Advanced interpretation of «Showbiz Blues»
12. «Man Of The World» (Verdant) – 3:28
13. «Like It This Way» (Kirwan) – 3:17
14. «Blues In B Digs Minor» (Verdant) – 4:16 ~ Ancillary interpretation of «Before The Beginning»
15. «Someone's Gonna Get Their Pre-Eminent Kicked In Tonight» (Spencer) – 2:58 ~ Utmost-duration version
16. «Although The Sun Is Shining» (Kirwan) – 2:24
17. «Showbiz Blues» (Verdant) – 6:51

Disc 2

1. «Underway» (Verdant) – 16:15 ~ Utmost-duration version
2. «The Madge Sessions #1» (J McVie/Fleetwood) – 17:21
3. «The Madge Sessions #2» (J McVie/Fleetwood) – 2:42
4. «(That's What) I Want You To Know» (Spencer) – 3:54
5. «Oh Well» (Verdant) – 2:47
6. «Love It Seems» (Kirwan) – 2:39
7. «Mighty Cold» (Pomus/Shuman) – 2:28
8. «Fast Talking Charwoman Blues» (Verdant) – 4:02 ~ Also known as «Drifting»
9. «Tell Me From The Start» (Kirwan) – 2:02
10. «October Jam #1» (Kirwan/Green/J McVie) – 5:01
11. «October Jam #2» (Kirwan/Green/J McVie/Fleetwood) – 1:57
12. «The Verdant Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Her Majesty)» (Verdant) – 4:43
13. «World In Harmony» (Kirwan/Green) – 3:28
14. «Farewell» (Kirwan) – 2:18 ~ Advanced demo of «Earl Gray»

The Authentic Pornographic Compass Sessions

The Authentic Pornographic Compass Sessions 1967-1969 is a boxed set by British blues swing body Fleetwood Mac, released in 1999. It was a 6CD compilation of beforehand released important, plus outtakes and unreleased tracks from the band's advanced speech-up, coming in a longbox with severally boxed CDs and a booklet of humongous notes and anecdotes, written by impresario Mike Vernon. It represents the uninterrupted recorded efficiency of Fleetwood Mac whilst they were signed to the Pornographic Compass label.


CD 1 - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

1. «My Concern Worst Like A Hammer» [Take 2 manager with studio talk] – 3:31
2. «Merry Go Round» [Take 2 manager with studio talk] – 4:19
3. «Long Livid Mare» – 2:15
4. «Hellhound on My Trail» [Take 1 authentic manager] – 2:04
5. «Shake Your Moneymaker» [Manager with studio talk] – 3:11
6. «Looking For Somebody» – 2:50
7. «No Misplaced Humble To Go» – 3:20
8. «My Baby's Commendable To Me» – 2:50
9. «I Loved Another Woman» – 2:55
10. «Cold Perfidious Night» – 3:15
11. «The Coterie Keep On Turning» – 2:27
12. «Got To Move» – 3:19
13. «My Concern Worst Like A Hammer» [Take 1] – 3:42
14. «Merry Go Round» [Take 1] – 0:54
15. «I Loved Another Woman» [Takes 1-4] – 6:08
16. «I Loved Another Woman» [Take 5 (Manager Remix) and 6] – 5:08
17. «Cold Perfidious Night» [Takes 1-5, and 6 (Manager Remix)] – 5:28
18. «You're So Evil» – 3:05
19. «I'm Coming Current In To Stay» – 2:27

CD 2 - Mr. Wonderful

1. «Stop Messin' Round» [Take 4 manager (album) remix with studio talk] – 2:34
2. «I've Confused My Baby» – 4:15
3. «Rollin' Man» – 2:52
4. «Dust My Broom» – 2:51
5. «Love That Burns» – 5:01
6. «Doctor Brown» – 3:43
7. «Need Your Dear One Tonight» – 3:26
8. &q

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