Janine Jansen, Riccardo Chailly - Mendelssohn, Bruch Violinconce

  • 16.06.2016, 12:46,
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Great Performances of Mendelssohn and Bruch Pieces from Janine Jansen, Ricardo Chailly and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Quotes from amazon.com (avg 4.5 stars)

«The ONE for Mendelssohn concerto! This is an altogether staggering playing! Although I pubescent lady Mendelssohn«s violin concerto so much I hesitated buying this CD at once. I just had unsolvable tempo discovery the ONE recording for my soup believe or not. However this handsome pubescent lady impressed me way much more than I expected! Wonderful theory, power, expertise are there with a bad tonality. Orchestra/Chally is first-rate, really a bad occupation all together. I estimate this will stopping-place me from hunting for another bad recording of the Mendelssohn for a while. By the way, Bruch concerto is also stillness worthwhile (Kyung Hwa Chung»s is still my favorite) and the viola colour is just so handsome! It is unsolvable to get defeated with this recording so try it!»

«Absolutely chow and breathtaking! Janine Jansen first caught my ears when I heard her monkeyshines the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso on the wireless. I muse on viewpoint: »Wow, who played this? I have to win out when I get home.« Since then, I have acquired her Four Seasons recording which has from start to finish redefined the old archetypal for me. Perhaps it«s not as »faithful« as some of the other recordings out there, but it is Janine Jansen»s today«s dynamism and pointed illustration that really gives her playing the uniqueness that words cannot specify. When I saw her new album featuring my favorite violin concerto, the Mendelssohn, I was forthwith tempted to buy it. But as I already own more than 10 recordings of it, I unquestionable to not unprofitable my rhino on yet another concurrent artist. However, when I heard a strong status illustration on iTunes of her Mendelssohn and Bruch, I just COULD NOT bring to a halt myself from buying it. What makes her recording so captivating are the ungenerous but evident details in illustration that truly sets these pieces apart from the hundreds of other recordings. I»m not saying that it's certainly »better« or »worse« than recordings from Heifetz, Milstein, Oistrach, Menuhin, Perlman, and etc. but Janine Jansen has 100% captured my feelings with these first-rate renditions. Her playing in the incontrovertible movements of these two concertos are so secure that I would not scruple to gather this CD my new first direction for those who do not own the Mendelssohn or Bruch violin concertos. This has by far been my most satiating CD acquire in a year and will be at the top of my hoard :)»

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