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Dean Martin — Prosperous Greats (Box Set, 2002)
3CD | FLAC-IMAGE+CUE +LOG +SCANS | 29 April 2002 | 800,56 ?b
Class: Jazz, Vocal | RAR 3% Rec. | Mark: Disky

Dutch reissue mark Disky«s Prosperous Greats series of triple CDs of the works of grave pop singers takes utility of the European copyright law that releases recordings more than 50 years old into the mrs average province. When it comes to people like Billie Furlough and Judy Uniform, that puts a goodly figure up of the artists» recordings at the label«s disposal for no attack. Dean Martin is another fish story. Something of a bloomer, he didn»t start to take off as a recording artist until 1953, when «That«s Amore» became his first gold put. But given that this album was released in 2002, that and Martin«s later hits were off-limits to Disky. The mark adapts by trimming the measurement of the incorporate, which contains only 60 tracks and runs less than three hours. Still, those tracks have to stage from Martin»s apprenticeship patch of 1946-1952. He did sum one Top Ten hit, «Powder Your Countenance With Sunshine (Grin! Grin! Grin!),» and it«s right up fa. But for the most take a hand in, he did a lot of recording without a lot of celebrity. Every studio recording he made up to mid — 1950 is here, including tracks for the unimaginative labels Diamond, Apollo, and Embassy before he signed to Capitol in 1948. There are also several tracks -- «Again,» «Some Happy Evening,» «If I Knew Then (What I Know Now),» «Till Then,» an original take of «If You Were the Only Chick in the The Mrs Average,» and «Deep Purple» -- that you won»t on in a Martin discography. Most likely, they are airchecks from the tranny series The Martin and Lewis Appear. Martin sings a mix of mundane, including Broadway appear tunes, numbers from his movies, and assorted novelties, demonstrating his prosaic versatility. The packaging, meanwhile, is Disky»s standard basic-bones strain, without even a CD booklet included.

CD 1:
01. Knack your countenance with sunshine (Grin! Grin! Grin!) 2:33
02. I got the sun in the morning 2:52
03. Once in attachment with Amy 2:12
04. Santa Lucia 2:52
05. That providential old sun 3:00
06. All of me 2:50
07. I'm in attachment with you 2:55
08. Bye, bye blackbird 3:03
09. Which way did my spunk go? 2:50
10. That certain social gathering 3:02
11. Vieni Su (Say you attachment me too) 2:39
12. In the apathetic, apathetic, apathetic of the evening 2:59
13. Be forthright with me 2:27
14. The tenebrosity-time is boyish and you're so exquisite 2:44
15. The intended of Sigma Chi 2:44
16. Walkin' my tot ago impress upon 2:53
17. Oh Marie 2:31
18. Again 2:16
19. You was 2:45
20. You have a proper place in to me 3:03

CD 2:
01. I don«t direction if the sun don»t pre-eminent 1:55
02. If 2:46
03. Tenebrosity-Time to Memphis 1:56
04. Choo «n»gum 2:27
05. I'll always attachment you (Day after day) 2:33
06. Just for fun 2:46
07. The bread commotion 3:07
08. Some happy evening 3:24
09. Grip me 2:36
10. Louise 2:45
11. Don't swing the row-boat 2:33
12. Have a little warmth 2:20
13. Advantageous feet 2:31
14. Abstracted old New England moon 2:32
15. Three wishes 2:37
16. Johnny get your chick 2:32
17. Come ago to Sorrento 3:07
18. If I knew then (What I know now) 3:03
19. Who's sorry now? 2:17
20. Tot, do me 2:33

CD 3:
01. Disregard 2:23
02. Flood 2:39
03. I Still Get A Frisson (Reasonable Of You) 2:36
04. Want Makes The Spunk Sow Fonder (For Somebody Else) 2:59
05. I'm Gonna Scratch Paper All My Walls With Your Attachment Letters 3:11
06. Cute As A Perfect Example Inform 2:31
07. Zing-A-Zing Prosper 2:13
08. My Own, My Only, My All 2:59
09. Muskrat Meander 3:04
10. The Darktown Strutters Ball 2:33
11. Tarra-Ta-Larra Ta-Lar 3:01
12. One Foot In Islands Sky 2:48
13. Cash-Drawer Then 3:09
14. If You Were The Only Chick In The The Mrs Average 2:53
15. Tonda Wanda Hoy 2:24
16. I Attachment The Way You Say Goodnight 3:10
17. Designing Purple 2:39
18. Thought Lane 2:50
19. The Peddler's Serenade 2:49
20. When You're Smiling 3:03

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