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Anouar Brahem — The Astounding Eyes Of Rita


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In the 21st century Anouar Brahem has become one of ECM«s most all the rage artists, with a tough worldwide following and near-unanimously obstinate throng reactions. The label»s 40th anniversary brings a new album of near to making a discovery, shady sounds and dancing, inherent pulses from the Tunisian oud maven, performed by his new pack.

After two CDs more closely kindred to European music («Le Pas de Gossip Noir», «Le Voyage de Sahar») comes a recording built more upon historic phrasing and Arab modes — in some aspects resembling Brahem«s »Barzakh« and the bestselling »Astrakan Café«, but with some of the improvisational freedoms of »Thimar'. The quartet from Tunisia, Germany, Sweden and Lebanon — now fired-up for cosmopolitan performances which take in a first European trip this autumn — was brought together by Anouar and ECM creator Manfred Eicher initially for this album.

New music Brahem had written in 2008 seemed to call up for a new party, modulating between cultures and disciplines. His trade in the «Thimar» triune with John Surman had made him particularly vigorous about the blending of oud and bass clarinet, and Anouar was turned on when he heard Norma Winstone«s »Distances« with clarinettist Klaus Gesing. Eicher also recommended Björn Meyer whose enthusiastically quick bass guitar is a ordered highlight of performances by Nik Bärtsch»s Ronín pack (see ECM albums «Stoa» and «Holon»). On care nearby drums, Brahem added insightful unsophisticated Lebanese percussionist Khaled Yassine.

The album«s bizarre head references the poesy of Palestinian litt Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008), to whom the disc is dedicated. Darwish»s honoured song «Rita and the Rifle» tells of proclivity thwarted by governmental realities. Entire for multi-aspect portable radio, the evocative music of «The Astounding Eyes of Rita» is certain to be embraced by filmmakers, too — Brahem's music is increasingly being used in movies and documentaries.


Anouar Brahem: (oud), Klaus Gesing (bass clarinet), Björn Meyer (bass), Khaled Yassine (percussion)



01- The Lover Of Beirut

02- Hoof It With Waves

03- Stopover At Djibouti

04- The Astounding Eyes Of Rita

05- Al Birwa

06- Galilee Mon Amour

07- Waking State

08- For No Visible Reason

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