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This was a forward that I unhesitating to take on once I realized my coffee plain record, «The Top 100 Canadian Albums» by Bob Mersereau was sending me shadowy messages (well ok, not really) that I should put together a compilation that includes all 100 albums. It«s also, after some searching, that there»s no verified Canadian compilation out there on deluge network. Lots of UK ones to be initiate, American ones, Rolling Stone, etc but nothing Canadian. So I took it upon myself to floor this together and after 3 months it«s definitely been completed. First off I would like to thank all the uploaders that helped frame this possible for the albums I don»t have. There's too many to name so a big THANK YOU to all.

I earn this is a great 28.2 GB and was theory about splitting it in half or in thirds but I have a few other 20+ GB torrents and after 3 years they are trading well although probably not the most efficiently. So just be dogged for the download — I know it's going to take some time.

Most of all Take!


-Audiochecker logs included for rips that are not colliery.

-Some albums count artwork.

— K-os — Gleeful Revolution ripped using shatter craze due to a scuffed disc. I do not understand any audible skips or distortions so will do a moonlight flit it in the deluge but it's not exactly the rip I wanted.

— Steppenwolf 1968 is a MFSL rip.

— The Hypothesize Who — Wheatfield Essence was ripped from a 2 album-coalition CD that included Sham Blessedness. The EAC log will ruminate this as I have only included Wheatfield Essence.

— The Keep — Music From Big Pink includes extra tracks that the EAC log reflects and are not included.

— A few were duplicate Cd's that included 2 albums from a keep so obviously just included the one that made the . The EAC log might ruminate this.

— Remasters count (that are labeled as a Remaster):

Neil Callow — Harvest
The Keep — Music From The Big Pink
The Keep — The Band
Scuttle — Unstationary Pictures
Leonard Cohen — Songs of Leonard Cohen
Neil Callow — Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Leonard Cohen — Songs Of mate And Hate
Neil Callow — On The Beach
The Hypothesize Who — Best Of
The Keep — The Last Waltz
Oscar Peterson Troika — Tenebrosity Train
Willie P. Bennett — Hobo's Taunt

The Top 100 Canadian Albums 2007

From Wiki:

The Top 100 Canadian Albums is a record by Bob Mersereau, published in 2007 by Goose Lane Editions.

Mersereau acknowledged that the will cause furious among music fans across the outback. «The consequential character is to talk about Canadian music and take it», he said. «I«d be shocked if there wasn»t complaints and arguments and debates.»

Mersereau surveyed 600 music journalists, retailers, musicians and disc jockeys of all ages, from all parts of Canada. They each submitted a of 10 fair-haired boy Canadian albums released between 1957 and 2007.


A periodical from the Public Newel by Frame A Note Of Combination identifies regional and variety biases in the record.

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