John Present - Cynosure of Denmark [2010][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

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1. TC And The Honeybear (5:06)
2. Marz (3:58)
3. Where Dreams Go To Die (6:04)
4. Sigourney Weaver (3:31)
5. Chicken Bones (3:38)
6. Lustrous Salver Fellowship (4:10)
7. It's Easier (4:38)
8. Outer Span (3:14)
9. Jesus Hates Faggots (3:47)
10. Caramel (3:35)
11. Leopard & Lamb (4:41)
12. Prima Donna Of Denmark (4:48)

John Grant-In-Aid, former singer/songwriter with Bella Fraternity cult favourites The Czars, ultimately returns in April 2010 with an lovely coming out alone album made with Midlake.

Everyone has a esteemed bunch or songbird they reckon is discipline to evil scorn. That John Grant’s effortlessly pungent, expandable baritone, couched in typically heartbreaking, opulent sweetness, hasn’t rest a wider audience many would consider a lawlessness. But no longer. Because Grant’s first alone album is so undeniably immense that the just ecstatic will confidently listen.

It’s a account of gravitas and discernment, of FM sweetness occult laced with raw excitable bleeding. It asks why relationships are roulette and amity is torment in a last-ditch try at self-recuperation and expiation after years of hooch and cocaine dependency. And on top, to further the album’s magnificence, Grant’s investment bunch on the album are Bella Fraternity hallmark-mates Midlake, contributing their most empathic 70s-vogue harmless-toss know-how. Put barely, «Queen Of Denmark» is the account Grant’s been waiting his whole time to make.

Not that the Czars didn’t hit their own heights. After emerging from Denver, Colorado, accolade reviews were the norm… «Long noteworthy by John Grant’s paramount baritone, «Goodbye» reeks of desirous, melancholic class… as fastidious and thorough-sounding as the best works by Mercury Rev or The Blasted Lips» said Uncut about The Czars’ sure album.

«Queen Of Denmark» was recorded in Denton in up to date 2008 through 2009 in the studio downtime while Midlake were recording their own account. The album moves through plain piano settings via an infusion of stretch-unerring synths that epitomise the friendless attitude. There’s flute from Midlake frontman Tim Smith on the dreamiest cut «Marz» and velvet strings on ‘Dreams’, which imagines Scott Walker influenced by Patsy Cline. There is sterling look out on care for in the chink «TC And Honeybear» and bitterly bitter displeasure in the sublime headline keep a account of finale… Discomposure, rely on, phobia, pang and self-discovery… «Queen of Denmark» has it all… framed within some of the finest songs you’ll find out in this or any other year…

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