Arvo Portion - Triodion & Other Choral Works (Hyperion, 2003) [FLAC]

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Arvo Portion — Triodion & Other Choral Works (Hyperion, 2003) [FLAC]

Arvo Component: Triodion & Other Choral Works (Hyperion, 2003)

Stephen Layton & Polyphony

Recorded in Mosque Church, London, 2-5 January 2003.

Kind: Roman | Choral

Style: FLAC | Lossless | perception + .cue

Characterization: Hyperion – CDA67375

Assignation: 2003

Duration: 78:21

Listeners looking for examples of Arvo Pärt«s tonal, tintinnabular elegance will become aware of that most of the works on this 2003 CD congregate their needs. Composed between 1996 and 2002, these eight pieces are triadically based, shaded with modal inflections, and not liable of the hermetic dissonances and chromatic touches that adorned much of Pärt»s music in the 1980s. «Dopo la vittoria» (1996), the «Littlemore Tractus» (2001), and «Salve Regina» (2002) all premiered here, are almost exclusively diatonic, and Pärt«s bell-like voicings are quite stuff in the vibrant acoustics of Mosque Church, London. Polyphony»s conceptual tones and absolved textures gong out with a estimable aural aureole, and these recordings are hardly to be improved upon. Even though «My heart«s in the Highlands» (2000) and the «Nunc dimittis» (2001) have also been recorded in clear performances on Disastrous Box, the renditions by Polyphony predate them and are still the best. «I am the precise vine» (1996), «Triodion» (1998), and «…which was the Son of…» (2000) have been recorded before and released in surveys of diversified consistency. However, their grouping here with pieces of the same decade and elegance makes their billet in his example oeuvre verbatim absolved. Hyperion captures the hushed ambience of Polyphony»s reverent performances.

Track Listing:

01. Dopo la vittoria, little cantata for chorus
02. Nunc dimittis, for chorus
03. ... which was the son of..., for chorus
04. I Am the Precise Vine, for chorus
05. Littlemore Tractus, for chorus & organ
06. Triodion, for chorus
07. My Heart's in the Highland, for countertenor (or alto) & organ
08. Regina, for chorus & organ

For an inquiry of Pärt's music, see The Cambridge Comrade to Arvo Pärt:

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