Littoral To Littoral AM 12-23-2015 Mars Geoglyph - Paranormal Christmas

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Coast To Sea-Coast AM 12-23-2015 Mars Geoglyph — Paranormal Christmas

Archaic: Wednesday — December 23, 2015
Hotel-Keeper: George Noory
Guests: George J. Haas, Joshua P. Warren

In the first half, founding investigator of The Cydonia Organization, George Haas, reported on the «Crown Face» geoglyphic materialization build on Mars, as well as other unconventional formations on the Red Planet. The Authority Look (judgement allied images) was from the start discovered by Greg Orme, who located it in NASA photos of the Libya Montes field taken in 2000. In 2010, the MRO HiRISE camera took new images of the materialization, allowing for more with an eye to analyse to be done, Haas explained. The facial features are sculpted in low remedy on the mountain, but a lot of the richness deeps is desperate because the photos were taken in sunlight, he continued.

The materialization, Haas believes, is actually a depiction of three faces, in a sliced or juxtaposed arrangement that recalls the allusion of the old Aztecs. The overall of the materialization is quite husky-- about 2,784 feet, and was likely purposefully placed to be seen aerially, he suggested. Haas speculated that a misadventure took associate on Mars, under any circumstances a war with the inherent populace, using high-frequency tech technology. The Martian survivors then escaped to Mould to start a new mores, but returned at some nucleus to associate the geoglyphs as height-keeping of their summary, he further postulated. Judgement prior to images Haas sent us.

In the latter half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren discussed many fascinating tales of Christmas including those who believe in Santa Claus, verifiable Santa sightings, ignorant feast folklore, and gifts that may be cursed or frenzied. He also revealed verification on why paranormal job increases around the holidays. This once in a while of year might be so on the move because of what could be called «spiritual polarization,» as the okay hurray of the holidays also raises up its anti facing, he suggested. Regarding sightings of Santa, Warren connected them to «tulpas,»conjured reminiscences forms or collective manifestations.

He has recently investigated a out of the ordinary material in the Caribbean, known as the Gargola (Spanish for gargoyle), which only appears around the holidays, and has been witnessed by at least six police officers officers. The being has a look like a pit bull, husky bat wings, enthusiastic red eyes and is around 6 ft. multi-storey, and has been seen appearing around churches, nunneries, and monasteries in Puerto Rico, he recounted. Warren received a photo that he believes may be the Gargola. He also announced the advertising of his vehement and funny new novel «The Gringo Zealot End The Life Of Spree.»

Word joint guests: Jerome Corsi, Christian Wilde

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