Neil Finn - One Nil [2001] [EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

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Neil Finn — One Nil [2001] [EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

Artist: Neil Finn
Release: One Nil
Released: 2001
Label: Parlophone
Catalog#: 7243 5 32112 2 6
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
[color=blue]Provinces: Australia
Style: Alternative Unnerve, Non-Addictive Fuzzy Unnerve, Pop Rock

1. The Climber (4:13)
2. Take A Rest of the Day Off (3:50)
3. Fallacy in the Ice (4:11)
4. Wherever You Are (4:46)
5. Last to Know (3:03)
6. Don't Ask Why (3:54)
7. Quietly God (5:28)
8. Swing and Run (3:46)
9. Stretchy Pith (4:00)
10. Anytime (3:24)
11. Driving Me Mad (3:58)
12. Into the Sunset (4:13)

In review, Try Whistling This, Neil Finn«s solitary premiere, seems like a purposive feat to rigidity himself from Crowded Dwelling. Filled with studio deception, distorted microphones, and up in the air slip of the tongue-hop beats, the album was a confident arouse to corroborate himself as a disengage, more brash real nature from Crowded Dwelling -- yet one that remained a crack, melodic songwriter. This is all put into quick redress by his second solitary album, One Nil, a recording that finds him returning to real instruct, delivering his most straightforward album since Crowded House»s Woodface. Curiously, for an album that plays to his strengths, a shapely break up is the follow-up of a plenteous collaboration with Wendy & Lisa, plus a manufacturing pairing with Tchad Blake and numerous cameo spots, including Sheryl Crow, Lisa Germano, and Mitchell Froom. For all the guests and comet power, the recording is surprisingly insubstantial, lacking the knockout punches of Try Whistling This, where the singles leapt out of the grooves. This heretofore around, the songs are gently insinuating, slowly working their way into the collective unconscious. Even the songs with the biggest hooks, such as the first disengage «Rest of the Day Off,» aren't as immediate as «She Will Have Her Way.» Yet, on repeated plays, the recording begins to gel, revealing itself as a reliably real feat from Finn. There may not be any new revelations, yet the little details -- the turns of clich, the gently compelling melodies, the slyly intricate productions -- all settle his rank as a crack craftsman.

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