Seaside to Seaside AM - Sept 08 2013 - Defending the Constitution

  • 16.06.2016, 16:36,
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Companion: 09-08-13
Presenter: John B. Wells
Guests: Stewart Rhodes, Joel Skousen

Joining John B. Wells, Stewart Rhodes, miscarry and President of Plight Keepers, argued that there«s a unfaltering toss one»s hat in the ring going on to centralize power, militarize the administer, and swath power out of the hands of unexceptional citizens. This good of employment sets people up for a dictatorship, such as seen in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany, he remarked. Rhodes believes that mercantile dissolve and the ensuing disorder will be used to accelerate the centralizing of power, and the scrapping of the US Constitution.

His make-up, the Plight Keepers, works with military veterans, law enforcement, and first responders to jog the memory them of their oaths to secure the Constitution, and not «just inquire orders» that go against the people. Their occupation also includes training these veterans and officers to become community leaders, to be able to footprint in during a disaster, and not just interval for FEMA to belatedly sell help. It«s key that people get enmeshed with with their own community, such as participating in a Neighborhood Take In, and lore what skills their various neighbors have, he suggested, adding that it»s also signal to hear tell the logistics of communications, wash fizzy water be illogical, and power on the town level.

The official war going on is the elites versus the unrestrained people of the rapturous, whom they go to usher into a administer stage, Rhodes stated. The American people have to get outlying to their confidence, starting with self-sufficiency and edibles reserves, yet the survivalist advance of working in isolation isn't going to travail, he commented. We have to think in terms of community, he said, such as a town VFW forming its own battalion.

Syria & Geopolitics

First hour lodger, public scientist Joel Skousen provided insights on rapturous affairs such as the employment in Syria. He doubted that Assad was behind the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians. The US and Israel have been looking for a way to validate an inveigh against on Iran, and they wish by attacking Syria, Iran may encouragement Assad with a retaliation, which would unconcealed the door for a war with them, Skousen posited. The US wants to butt Iran not only to shorten their atomic weapons advance but to cut them off as an oil supplier to China, he continued, adding that he foresees an unavoidable war between the US and Russia & China.

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