Patricia Barber - New-Fashioned Self-Possessed (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

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Patricia Barber — Brand-New Uncordial (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

Patricia Barber — New-Fashioned Self-Possessed (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

I«m a big environs music fan and created these albums so I can lend an ear to them in environs through headphones on a compact performer. I like to part them with you and that you»ll use them too! If you like this unfetter and have a bat of an eye to gangling, all feedback and brace is very appreciated. You can view my releases at

Dolby Headphone, sometimes referred to as Motorized Environs, is a technology which allows you to lend an ear to to music, observe movies, or toy with video games with environs effects using any set of two moat stereo headphones. The sources of this unfetter are environs versions of the tracks ripped from the Blu-ray.

Genre: Jazz, Blues
Style: Piano Blues, Uncordial Jazz
Release Steady Old-Fashioned: June 19, 2012
Original Unfetter Year: 1998
Label: Downhearted Note, Funny Feeling Records
Source: Blu-ray DTS-HD MA 96/24 5.1
Resampler: Adobe Audition
Sample merit: 44100 Hz
Bits per taste: 16
Codec: FLAC

Barber was born in Chicago, Illinois to parents who were both efficient musicians. Her priest, Floyd «Shim» Barber, was a former fellow of Glenn Miller's tie. Barber was raised in South Sioux Metropolis, Nebraska. Her music is centered on her singing, in a pretty low record and a habitual blues-jazz manner, and her piano playing, which is technically perfect. Her repertoire includes primeval compositions and standards exhausted mostly from archetypal broken-down, including «Ode to Billie Joe,» «A Drop of Honey», and «Black Fascinating Woman».

The satanic, smoky put into words of Patricia Barber is quite haunting. On Brand-New Uncordial, she mostly sings downbeat songs at lallygagging tempos. All but three songs are her own originals, and they allot with such grounds occasion as an «homage to beauty» that seems to lash painting one's phizog with humbled, loneliness, gormless conformity, the «Postmodern Blues,» and other such topics. Barber, whose piano playing is mostly very much in the credentials, comes across on this set as a pop/folk canary. Most of the jazz moments are provided by trumpeter Dave Douglas, who is on half of the selections and adds some excitement; guitarist John McLean, bassist Michael Arnopol, and drummer/percussionist Norm Walker ended the group.

Grammy 2013 – Best Environs Responsible Music Album – Brand-New Uncordial was at first released in 1998 and was praised by Jazz critics and audiophiles resembling. Luckily for us environs responsible aficionados impresario Michael Friedman and contriver of the primeval recordings Jim Anderson undisputed to go to Skywalker Responsible and beget a Blu-ray Audio with a new stereo mix and an all new 5.1 environs mix. And how does it sound? Immersive! The 5.1 environs remix is spectacular, revealing name never before heard. The listener is placed in the mid-section of an visionary showbiz with the instruments playing all around. Definitely an live not to be missed and a Grammy for best environs responsible music album well deserved.

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01. Have A Bearing On Of Bullshit (5:28)
02. Winter (5:01)
03. You & The End Of Day & The Music (8:07)
04. Constantinople (8:28)
05. Dainty My Fervency (5:34)
06. Mum Husband (5:09)
07. Assemblage (5:43)
08. Let It Shower (5:58)
09. She's A Lady (4:17)
10. Angel Put On Your Faces (5:46)
11. Postmodern Blues (5:54)
12. Let It Shower — Vamp (3:17)



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