Strand To Strand AM 06-21-2015 Quantum Fact and The Unseen Coterie

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Coast To Seaboard AM 06-21-2015 Quantum Authenticity and The Unseen World

Swain: Sunday — June 21, 2015
Hostess: George Knapp
Guests: Ruth Kastner, Rob Mercer

Joining George Knapp, Dr. Ruth Kastner, title-holder of two Nationalistic Expertise Grounds awards for her learning of interpretational issues in quantum theory, offered her insights into various quantum riddles, and presented different ways to vision and construe our authenticity. Weighty physics was based on a mechanistic prototype, in which things could be taken apart and arranged like a clock, with demanding laws that described their workings. However, when it came to wisdom things on the micro clamber up, such as the atom, the ritualistic prototype did not leverage up, and quantum physics was developed as a way to penetrate the behavior of teeny particles, she explained.

Quantum physics suggests that our lay out-opportunity age (all man authenticity) could be phantasy of like the tip of an iceberg, but there«s also a large submerged division of the iceberg that remains concealed, yet is necessary for lay out-opportunity composition, Kastner outlined. In a intelligibility, we»re only experiencing a presenting of this larger authenticity, she continued. Regarding the many worlds premise (where all possible versions of alternate pasts and futures are legitimate), she said that quantum mechanics points to these alternate versions as unmanifest possibilities that can only be indirectly inferred.

Discussing higher dimensions (the concealed division of the iceberg), she suggested that they«re populated by quantum systems, which wouldn»t really tally to beings or spirits, «but there is extent in this definition for the phantasy that the make could current in some intelligibility in this monarchy.» Addressing the of inquiry of unchained will, Kastner believes that events are brought about from the quantum monarchy, and in that approach, we«re actually creating lay out-opportunity, and an evolving that doesn»t have to continue yet, which means there's no death or preordained events in our lives.

Devise Despondent Order Files Recovered
First hour lodger, Rob Mercer of the Miami Valley UFO Civilization told how he came across a man on Craigslist selling a box of Devise Despondent Order files (vision images) he«d bought at auction. Mercer tracked down the source p, a former policewoman assigned to Devise Despondent Order at Wright-Patterson, who didn»t make that he'd progressive the files behind when he moved, and was able to cause Mercer additional materials he had stored. A lot of the Despondent Order files were put together for the bustle, and accordingly there were no redacted pages in what they were shown, the retired policewoman explained. One of the items Mercer received was a grainy UFO haziness recorded in Tremonton, Utah in 1952.


Wisdom Our Unseen Reality

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