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Peter Paul and Mary Chronology
Peter Paul & Mary Chronology
Peter, Paul & Mary ChronologyI made this compilation for my mp3 entertainer from my CDs, so I may as well portion it with the interval of you. I am so old that I think back on rushing to the evidence pile up to get each new PPM album when they were first published on vinyl, and I want to attend to each line in its befitting ambiance, not randomly selected on a «best of» platoon.

If I think back on correctly, these recordings were made with the very latest phase-of-the-art analogue adept stick recorder at Warner Bros, with surprisingly ample stereo eminence and dynamics for the pre-digital space. As a point of agreement, Simon and Garfunkel's aboriginal recording of «Bridge over Troubled Water» (CBS 1970) has audible stick boo and lacks dynamics in the more tranquil parts, especially in the beginning.

Classic for Peter, Paul and Mary was that Peter (direction) sang in the red conduct, Paul (basso) in the right and Mary in the waist. Mary«s rife with, ardent alto often crossed and went under Peter»s merry falsetto. Both guys were perfectionists on the guitar; you can sometimes attend to them competing. In in they had only a worthless entertainer on the first records and later added more instruments as their m developed. Their lilting disposition is among the finest ever made of the songs that they chose from artists like Bob Dylan and Donovan.

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Albums included, 12 tracks on each:

1) 1962: Peter, Paul & Mary
2) 1963: Moving
3) 1963: In the Wind
4) 1965: A Inexpensively Will Rise
5) 1965: See What Tomorrow Brings
6) 1966: Album
7) 1967: Album 1700

This almanac is made for their first 7 befitting studio records only, each with 12 tracks. Missing here is «In Concert» (1964), a treacherous album with mostly inappropriate previously to songs. I bought this on treacherous vinyl with such a ample eminence that I never got around to buying the CD platoon. Missing are also «In Japan» and «Late Again», mostly with new recordings of inappropriate previously to songs, and «Peter, Paul and Mommy» mainly with children's songs.

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Chirography library : LAME3.93
Encoding settings : CBR

Conclude line bibliography:
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-01-Inappropriate In The Morning.mp3 1.47 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-02-500 Miles.mp3 2.57 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-03-Sorrow.mp3 2.65 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-04-This Train.mp3 2 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-05-Bamboo.mp3 2.33 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-06-It's Raining.mp3 4.01 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-07-If I Had My Way.mp3 2.22 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-08-Barbarous War.mp3 3.17 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-09-Lemon Tree.mp3 2.68 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-10-If I Had a Hammer.mp3 1.98 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-11-Autumn To May.mp3 2.54 MiB
/01-Peter, Paul and Mary 1962/01-12-Where Have All the Flowers Gone.mp3 3.59 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-01-Quiet Down.mp3 1.6 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-02-Gone the Rainbow.mp3 2.46 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-03-Flora.mp3 2.9 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-04-Mellifluous Mary.mp3 1.79 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-05-Publicity, the Spell Dragon.mp3 3.16 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-06-This Estate Is Your Estate.mp3 2.24 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-07-Man Come into Egypt.mp3 2.12 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-08-Old Coat.mp3 3.49 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-09-Itsy-Bitsy Sparrow.mp3 3.26 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-10-Big Boat.mp3 2.49 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-11-Morning Train.mp3 3.32 MiB
/02-Pathetic 1963/02-12-A'soalin.mp3 2.99 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-01-Very Last Day.mp3 2.34 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-02-Hus-A-Bye.mp3 2.19 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-03-Elongated Restrict On.mp3 4.25 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-04-Unflinching Road.mp3 3.39 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-05-Tell It on the Mountain.mp3 2.72 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-06-Polly Von.mp3 3.82 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-07-Stewball.mp3 2.94 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-08-All My Trials.mp3 3.05 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-09-Don«t Think Twice, It»s All Right.mp3 3 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-10-Shipping Train.mp3 2.56 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-11-Stop Your Low Down Ways.mp3 1.94 MiB
/03-In the Ramble 1963/03-12-Blowin' in the Ramble.mp3 2.71 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-01-When The Passenger Liner Comes In.mp3 2.43 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-02-Jimmy Whalen.mp3 2.46 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-03-Come and Go With Me.mp3 2.87 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-04-Gilgarra Mountain.mp3 5.53 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-05-Ballad of Cause To Occur Hill.mp3 2.95 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-06-Motherless Child.mp3 3.41 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-07-Wasn't That A Period.mp3 2.21 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-08-Monday Morning.mp3 3.03 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-09-The Cuckoo.mp3 2.16 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-10-The San Francisco Bay Blues.mp3 2.78 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-11-Talkin' Bon-Bons Bar Blues.mp3 2.39 MiB
/04-A Inexpensively Will Rise/04-12-For Lovin' Me.mp3 1.96 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-01-If I Were Free.mp3 2.56 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-02-Betty & Dupree.mp3 3 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-03-The Rising of the Moon.mp3 3.32 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-04-Inappropriate Mornin' Rain.mp3 2.87 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-05-Jane, Jane.mp3 2.67 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-06-Because All Men are Brothers.mp3 2 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-07-Hangman.mp3 2.61 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-08-Fellow-Clansman, (Buddy) Can You In Addition a Dime.mp3 2.35 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-09-The First Period Every I Saw Your Face.mp3 2.88 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-10-Tryin' to Win.mp3 2.42 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-11-On a Throw Over Islet (With You in My Dreams).mp3 1.74 MiB
/05-See What Tomorrow Brings/05-12-The Last Feeling on My Mind.mp3 2.46 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06- — 11-Mon Vrai Destin.mp3 2.16 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-01-And When I Die.mp3 2.39 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-02-Sometime Lovin'.mp3 2.85 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-03-Chuck Dismiss up your Sorrows.mp3 2.84 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-04-The Sovereign of Names.mp3 3.8 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-05-For Tot (For Bobby).mp3 2.54 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-06-Hasten Sundown.mp3 2.69 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-07-The Other Side of This Life.mp3 2.81 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-08-The Ample Times We Had.mp3 2.37 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-09-Kisses Sweeter Than Wine.mp3 2.85 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-10-Norman Normal.mp3 2.01 MiB
/06-Album 1966/06-12-Well, Well, Well.mp3 2.97 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-01-Rolling Home.mp3 3.23 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-02-Leaving on a Jet Plane.mp3 3.22 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-03-Oppress for Jamie.mp3 3.85 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-04-No Other Name.mp3 2.31 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-05-The Undertaking Inexpensively.mp3 3.95 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-06-The Active Mandella.mp3 4.35 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-07-I Dig Destroyed And Bowl Music.mp3 2.35 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-08-If I Had Wings.mp3 2.17 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-09-I'm In Enjoyment With A Big Pornographic Frog.mp3 1.97 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-10-Whatshername.mp3 3.17 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-11-Bob Dylan's Dream.mp3 3.69 MiB
/07-Album 1700 — 1967/07-12-The Inexpensively Is Enjoyment.mp3 2.51 MiB

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