Seashore To Seashore AM 08-21-2015 America's Secret R - Unconcealed Lines

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Coast To Sail AM 08-21-2015 America's Secret R — Activate Lines

Girlfriend: Friday — August 21, 2015
Landlord: Richard Syrett
Guests: Donald Jeffries, Activate Lines

Wadding in for George, Richard Syrett welcomed researcher and maker,Don Jeffries, whose new effort, Secret R, chronicles a wide of the mark species of issues that have plagued US r. Whether it«s the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther Monarch, Iran-Contra, the Oklahoma Metropolis bombing, TWA Go 800, voting humbuggery, or 9/11, Jeffries contends that every primary catastrophe or war that we»ve witnessed has somehow been distorted by those who are imagined to be protecting us.

«It's a orderly way of doing establishment, the people in power have been subvert for a lengthy interval and they keep going themselves,» Jeffries said. He traced the last 50 years of corruption and extend-ups to the JFK assassination, noting how those behind it provided a «lame and unfit for explanation» in patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Jeffries suggested JFK was the last president who tried to do things on his own and circumvent the powers-that-be. All candidates since, with the cavil of Robert F. Kennedy, have been diehard globalists and warmongers placed into their determine of power, Jeffries explained. Decisions about who will be president are made at Free grove, by the Bilderbergs, or at Conference on Tramontane Relations meetings, he added.

Jeffries shared his postulate about a coming financial tumble down and the hurt of policies which cluster store into the hands of trifling few. Donald Trump's mount the barricades in renown among voters shows that Americans are pooped of debilitated leaders and the homogenized views of the two primary domestic parties, he proposed. Jeffries likened the realm of possibilities of democrat or republican to choosing between electrocution or hanging, as in his id both parties concur on many of the same noxious policies. Those on the left-hand seem ardent to an severe domestic correctness postulate and hope to lessen domestic rights, while those on the right allow businesses to get away with anything and suffer concentrating store. Jeffries lamented that no parallel wirepuller is talking about domestic liberties, disengaging in sphere affairs, and putting America first.

The balance of the program featured Activate Lines.

Secret History

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