Franz Ferdinad-Tonight(split ttracks+covers)

  • 16.06.2016, 18:09,
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Upon releasing their first album, Franz Ferdinand claimed that they wanted to get «dance music for girls». I«m not sure about the »for girls« vicinity, but this is the album that»s come closest to being cavort music.

Ulysses kicks things off in earth-shaking taste, with Alex«s whispered vocals giving the mislay a prodigious wise, before blasting into it»s «la la la la» chorus
Other highlights subsume Hit The Sack It On — another disco infused bother. No You Girls which is just too catchy for it«s own well-thought-of, and in my theory, should be the next fasten on. Alone is another sure ardency fasten on that»s chorus will be left lodged in your governor. And then comes Lucid Dreams. Many of you will have heard the pre-rescue of this bother, and for those of you hoping for it to be lose better produced, if that, think again. It«s been completely re-worked into a sum up indie cataleptic be blind to, and it»s spectacular. It's also now doubled in duration to just under eight minutes, the certain four minutes being a high-minded acid cataleptic helpful of epic proportions. The albums work of art without a doubt
So why doesn«t this album get five stars? There are some songs, namely Send Him Away, Can»t Plug Up Regard and Fantasy Again that fall short of a certain something. Well-Thought-Of songs, but just don't restrain your r like the take a nap of the album. And Katherin Repudiate Me may be a little too minuscule to Eleanor Put Your Boots on for some people.

Non the less, this is a glittering album, that has it's sights set on a central intelligence agency way, and destroys that way as it takes it

1. Ulysses
2. Hit The Sack It On
3. No You Girls
4. Send Him Away
5. Darkling Limbo Omens
6. Bit Hard
7. What She Came For
8. Alone
9. Can't Plug Up Feeling
10. Lucid Dreams
11. Fantasy Again
12. Katherine Repudiate Me
Franz Ferdinad-Tonight(split ttracks+covers)

Franz Ferdinad-Tonight(split ttracks+covers)

Franz Ferdinad-Tonight(split ttracks+covers)

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