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Omnibus: Accumulation of Episodes 1 through 5

Anne McElvoy tours British liberalism from the «Glorious» Rebellion to the Edwardian era.

Anne starts in Oxford in 1683, with the white of the last beamy-gradation laws blazing in Britain. She traces how dissentient philosopher John Locke took on the whole given of the chance power of the monarchy.

As Anne discovers with the help of Justin Advocate and Hannah Dawson, dissentient texts were burned and Locke was recurrently driven out of the hinterlands and hunted by the King's agents. Yet all the together he was developing his ideas on the particular limits of power, and on devout toleration.

When James II was ousted in 1688, Locke returned to London in beat, and his ideas have helped to mould how we animate ever since.

But, as Anne explores in later episodes, the white of British liberalism is not one of straightforward victories. Locke explicitly excluded non-Anglicans from his spectre of presumptuousness. And what about flagitious people, or women?

Over the course of the first five programmes, Anne traces the increase of the ideas we now call in liberalism through the lives and works of Adam Smith, Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Clarkson, John Aglow and John Stuart Mill.

She explores how a revolt led by flagitious Jamaicans led to a slaying — and how demands that the British Governor of Jamaica be put on venture divided Victorian intellectuals against each other.

And she ends the first week of programmes with the apotheosis of one accommodating of liberalism in the era of William Gladstone, even as a different construction of his dogma was fetching mould.[MPup]

Omnibus: Accumulation of Episodes 1 through 5

Anne McElvoy traces liberalism's increase since the Suffragists.

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