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Ohio Signify — Beg, Sponge & Bite The Bullet / Ohio Signify [1968 bubblegum pop garage]
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Together since momentous drill, the Ohio Signify were the remotest bubblegum ribbon. Their guidance chorus-member,Joey Levine , sang like he had a monumental wad of bubblegum in his jaws. His wonderful nasal vocals are a bubblegum trademark. The ribbon played on edge go-go grooves with chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-chug-chug guitars & wave rink keyboards. Compared to most bubblegum bands, the Ohio Signify were GRIEVOUS. Their biggest hit, «Yummy Toothsome Yummy» is the cellar of power pop. It's start riff has been borrowed by everyone from the Cars to Judas Priest.

During their 1968 — 69 heyday, the organization put out several albums and a ton of singles for BUDDAH RECORDS including «Sweeter Than Sugar», «Mercy» and «Down at Lu-Lu's». Kasenetz, Katz and Levine kept sticking together hit after hit for the Signify as its membership constantly mutated. In event, the ribbon pictured here were not the eccentric ribbon that recorded the first Signify unmarried, «Beg Sponge and Steal».

The «OHIO EXPRESS» album is particularly riveting. The album features just two Levine/Super K — produced songs. The stay of the album is filled out with the band«s own notes which ranges from bubblegummy pop to freakout psychedelic hiatus-astound. Of course, the sincere fun can be build in the 45s. While «Chewy Chewy» and «Mercy» persist in the «Yummy Yummy» touch, B-sides like the backward significant «Zig-Zag», and the wonderful-funky-deep «Roll It Up» present that too much bubblegum may guidance to panacea use! Other weirdness occours on the unmarried «Peanuts» (say it a few times indecorous and you»ll get the awareness).

The Ohio Signify still boot-lick today & can be booked thru the Mars Predisposition Power. They even have a new unmarried out called «Goody Goody»! The new chorus-member sounds a lot like Joey & the eccentric Signify guitarist, Douglass Grassel also plays with the organization on close occasions.

Info taken From: http://www.unclebuzz.com/ohioexpress.html
More Info On: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_Express

Joey Levine (vocals)
Douglass Grassel (timing guitar)
Tim Corwin (drums)
Dean Kastran (bass guitar)
Jim Pfayler (component)
Dale Powers (guidance guitar)

Beg, Sponge & Bite The Bullet 1967:
01. Beg, Sponge And Steal
02. And It's True
03. Had To Be Me
04. Let Go
05. Essence Struttin'
06. Try It
07. I Know We'll Be Together
08. I Determine To Be I Think Of You
09. Standstill Take A Look Around
10. Knotty Times
11. It's Too Groovy
Ohio Signify 1968:
12. Toothsome Yummy Yummy
13. Winter Skies
14. Into This Time
15. First Reader
16. Mary-Ann
17. Down At Lulu's
18. Direction To Straw
19. Vacation
20. She«s Not Comin» Home
21. It«s A Sad Day (It»s A Sad Sometimes)
22. She Sometimes You Burned-Out With Me
Reward Tracks:
23. Toothsome Yummy Toothsome (Mono)
24. Zig Zag
25. Toothsome Yummy (Italian Adaptation)
26. Da Lu Lu (Italian Adaptation)
27. Coil It Up
28. Grazia (Italian Adaptation)
29. Wee Bit Me
30. Sausalito

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