Seashore to Seashore AM - Dec 15 2011 - Cyber Attacks & Annunaki Display

  • 16.06.2016, 18:54,
  • Music
Herd: George Noory
Guests: Andrew Colarik, Marshall Klarfeld

Hours 1 & 2 - Initiator and specialist Andrew Colarik talked about cyber attacks against the US by our enemies, the downed drone in Iran, and how individuality knocking off could dispose to terrorism. «We're getting, truly, thousands of attacks on all kinds of our infrastructure from all over the earth,» he declared, noting that the unruly is under reported because it is so commonplace.

Colarik was particularly distressed about the presage this poses to America's infrastructure, such as the electrical grid, heavy water disposition, and emptiness disposal systems, since much of them are run remotely via a inside computerized command.

Colarik strongly urged a «national discussion» on the cause c of cyber attacks, what they may cause, and how to rejoin. «It should be a whole empathy by the American people,» he said, which determines how the rural area wants to be in charge of the cyber earth and best foster our subject assets and interests. Chillingly, Colarik also illustrious that the Merged States has not made a settling as to what constitutes an «act of war» with regards to cyber warfare. He stressed that this deficiency of parameters leaves the rural area unguarded to potentially ruinous missteps in feedback to a cyber malign. «You take the injure escalation and you're going to dream up a unruly that will consequence not only you, but all of us,» he warned.

Hours 3 & 4 - Researcher and initiator Marshall Klarfeld discussed the prehistoric ET chute, the Annunaki, and how a possible cloaked elbow-room end, spotted near Mercury, could be one of their motherships.

Based on his fact-finding, he surmised that the Annunaki created a mothership as a traditional weigh billet to aid their gold mining operations after they arrived on Terra. He cited the 11th pastille of the Epic of Gilgamesh as testify for this mothership, since the biography details how the Annunaki escaped the Terra during the «great flood» and fled to the foxiness. In become, Klarfeld asserted that the entities may not be on Nibiru, but actually much closer and watching us from the mothership near Mercury.

Klarfeld was also very intrigued by a crop division which appeared in Poirino, Italy this before Summer. He contended that this forming, which he called «the most resplendent crop division I«ve ever seen,» was a communication from Enki, one of the Annunaki leaders. Contained within the crop division, Klarfeld claimed, was binary corpus juris that spells out Enki»s damned name as well as a advice about diffusion and a referral to a certain benevolent gene. Based on this, he suggested that there may be an in the cards galactic wonderful sea and the Annunaki are trying to on the lookout the benevolent chute to the value of the gene in surviving the effects of the resulting overpowering diffusion.

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