Tony Hanna The Yugoslavian Gipsy Insolence Stripe - The pitiless ble

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Tony Hanna & the Yugoslavian Gypsy Gall

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01. Dall' Ouna (Arabo-Ciganski Turbo Mix)
02. Rosana
03. Les Dentelles De La Moujichka
04. Lamma Bada
05. Jamlou
06. Hday Hday
07. Arabalkan
08. Pavlovatch Mon Amour
09. Dall' Ouna
10. Khatarna
11. Djelem, Djelem
12. Ciganske Deliriu

[From cd-folder] Ribbon My village is irreparable somewhere between Belgrade and Baghdad. At times, it stays still for a few hours (or a few centuries), but then always ends up inspirational elsewhere. Our mayor is a tuba bass thespian and our servant of god a chicken housebreaker imam. In our village lives a imbecile choir girl. His name is Tony Hanna. Tony was born and raised in a small-scale village in the Lebanese mountains where people still defraud donkeys and horses, cheer up goats and chicken. Then, after spending five years in London, he went to remain in Detroit where he stayed for 20 years. But when he heard about the jovial fuss of our pleasing village, he came undeveloped and settled here, leaving his kinsfolk behind in the gloom of edification. His spokeswoman is important like the mountain springs that be rocks into the Lebanese jord (Lebanese mountains« invariant deserts) and his muscles are shaped like the roots of a cedar tree. Tony was the biggest Arabic immaturity principal undeveloped in the initially »70s. He sold thousands, earned millions and spit up even more, distributing tips of hundreds of dollars to waiters and parking valets. Beggars took holidays after his entry. Elvis Presley's fashion fashioned his suits. Palaces were his houses, and the latest sports cars were pushed to their limit by his imbecile driving. He changed cars as often as one changes socks. He was — and still is — very comely. His moustache was a trademark insured for an awesome amount. The authoritative dabke dancers in his ribbon (dabke is established Centre Eastern hoof it) looked amateurish when he was dancing. Girls screamed like imbecile at his appearances in in every way tours that took him to all the capitals of the Arab in every way, U.S. cities, as well as to Paris, London, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina. But overnight, at the apex of his profession, Tony Hanna stopped. It was one of the biggest mysteries of showbiz. When asked about the reasons behind this authoritative suicide, Tony never answered. When I offered for him to amuse oneself with the Yugoslavian Gypsy Gall Ribbon, he said, after watching one of their filmed performances: «I approve of,» and added, «They look like so much fun, so unpretentious, so… so true?» The fall short of of really had made him check out this dealing. When I got to know him, I discovered that his viability was guided by really and belief: he wants to be trusted just like he trusts. He is the only established artist who signed a superintendence and producing obligation without reading it. The other fete begged him to decipher the pleasant pull a proof pix but he refused. I know this piece is correct: The second fete is me! —Courtesy Calabash Music

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