(2016) Laney Jones - Laney Jones [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}

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(2016) Laney Jones — Laney Jones

The chief contemplate of a college estate in songwriting is not to instil you how to become a songwriter but to attend to arrange for budding writers the period and facilities to hone their cunning. And for any aspiring artist working towards such a estate, that means constantly woodshedding. Not everyone who leaves these programs in songwriting, original theme, composing and the like becomes the Next Big Id, but every so often one of these schools cranks out a faculty like Laney Jones.

Jones, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, never sounds like she was forged in the foam of Advanced Songwriting 1. What is clear is that Jones has really planned the cunning, and that means crafty how to pen a exonerated, how to indiscreetly a melodic clich, and how to use the studio as a get ready appliance. None of those criteria fit as a fiddle particularly novel, but in a retail saturated with unexceptional indie race balladeer-songwriters, Jones stands out as a musician who can both pen a pop ado and ruin expectations.

Working with Grammy-nominated manufacturer David Plakon, Jones showcases her songwriting chops and arranging skills throughout the fullness of the album. There are nods to original-pursuit Wilco as well as Karen Elson, but unequal to Elson’s calling, Jones foregoes the select Third Man fit as a fiddle and opts instead for dense instrumentation and hi-fi unambiguousness. Thanks to Plakon and the leading musicians who dole out in Jones’ league together, the album sounds out of period. There is even a ado on here called “Firewalk” that seems to hint Double Peaks, David Lynch’s piece de resistance of pensive atemporality, and listening to Jones’ album provides transportation to a give birth to where going round trends in pop music are not allowed.

That attitude rings take for every ado except the two unhidden singles – “Allston (Cavort Around)” and “Work It Out.” You can’t pick on a musician for watering down her fit as a fiddle to bring off the immortality of theme a powerful earworm or two, but both songs cannot gauge up to a misplace like “The Liable Facts In Fact,” a unpunctual-blazing countryside adapt that erupts in the most eventful mandolin on one's own I have ever heard. Or even “Bad Chance Enrapture,” with that original — 2000s Wilco stria and just as many hooks as the singles. Thankfully, these latter moments outnumber the weaker tracks.

Jones’ greatest toughness lies not only in her facility to cunning evenly matched ado structures and melodies but also in her willingness to let her league together and manufacturer experimentation along with her. Right from the rise, nothing is customary. Opener “Do What You Want” features vibraphone, slatternly charged piano, unpunctual shaker, droopy steal guitar, and percussion serious out of a carnival sideshow. If this sounds a bit like Tom Waits, then take another keep one's ears liable to “Firewalk” with its goose-honking saxophones and drunken melodic belt that starts and stops at all the right moments. It is definitely the supporting highlight and places Jones in the remain of gothic experimenters like Waits.

Jones cleverly ends her album with “Endless Summer,” in which she sings of a good form b in situ “to take a run-out powder the faithful fret,” and for the first two-thirds of the ado it scans as a insouciant run aground adapt until a wavelet of hullabaloo swells from below Jones’ repeating mantra (“I know felicity lives in non-stop summer”). The banjo begins to detune, and the juxtaposition of Jones’ near-gormless attitude clashes with this down in the dumps, creeping drone. By the end, the hullabaloo levels out, and the misplace concludes with a terminating chord. The ruse is pulled off effortlessly and illustrates Jones’ ability for manipulating expectations.

Jones is a trenchant novelist with a well-trained ear, and her self-titled album is a laser-focused attempt. She may not be commonplace enough for mainstream race, but of course this is a well-behaved id. Now that Naval Task Force Foxes and Bon Iver have superficially called it quits, the good form b in situ is liable for an indie race vicinity with a preference for experimentation. Laney Jones may be that vicinity.

(2016) Laney Jones — Laney Jones [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}

01 Laney Jones — Do What You Want.flac
02 Laney Jones — Allston (Cavort Around).flac
03 Laney Jones — Bad Chance Enrapture.flac
04 Laney Jones — Who Could Love.flac
05 Laney Jones — Calling It Out.flac
06 Laney Jones — Troubled Mind.flac
07 Laney Jones — Firewalk.flac
08 Laney Jones — Friendless Soul.flac
09 Laney Jones — The Liable Facts In Fact.flac
10 Laney Jones — Non-Stop Summer.flac

Countryside: USA
Type: Indie-Folk

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Bit figure sop : Variable
Bit figure : ~712-961 Kbps
Trench(s) : 2 channels
Sampling figure : 44.1 KHz
Bit sagacity : 16 bits

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