Strand to Strand AM - Oct 01 2013 - Healing and Quondam Lives

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Escort: 10-01-13
Hostess: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Brian Weiss, Daniel Pinchbeck

Brian L. Weiss, M.D., a chief whiz on olden times-spirit regression remedial programme, shared how different types of healing are possible when we grasp reincarnation. He exact how he conducts a regression, in which he asks a living soul to sit comfortably, while he takes them through some muscle r techniques and deepens the federal. He asks them to dream up themselves in a garden, and then starts bewitching them side with in on one occasion, onset in boyhood, and then to dawn. Then, he will take them through a «door,» and other «bridges» to invite them side with to a olden times spirit. A living soul having the regression, though to a great extent peaceful, is still efficient of talking, and can recite what they are experiencing, he explained (Dr. Weiss recently regressed Katie Couric on her TV boast-- wrist-watch a portion).

When people re-judgement a olden times spirit trauma, fitness or psychical problems sometimes are alleviated, he reported. «To us, these are miracles, whether it's a true healing, an sensitive hearing...It can be a undecorated preoccupation like healing an infected tetanus photo just with your be aware, not with using antibiotics...or a dominating miracle like a serious disease disappearing,» he continued. One pertinacious of his, a professor of physics, suffered from side with sadden tied up to cancer. In a olden times spirit regression, she recalled a spirit as a manful around 2,000 years ago, when she was kicked in the side with by Roman soldiers so angry that it bankrupt her side with. «When she remembered that, not only did the side with sadden from her cancer treatment evaporate, but she started to regenerate tissues and bone,» which was documented by X-rays and radiologic statement, he said.

Dr. Weiss also takes people on «progressions,» where they judgement approaching lives. In a obese workshop, he took the unit into three different «stops» in the approaching- — 100-200 years, 500 years, and 1,000+ years at the. He start correlations among the unit, particularly in their 1,000 years at the lives: The superb was very bucolic and na (though some areas were off limits). The folk, greatly reduced in edition, lived in weight and used telepathy to announce. Something likely happened during the 500 years out full stop that led to the folk ebb, he said. Also, he added, there were indications that if we don«t do business with Earth»s pivotal issues in the near approaching, we could wrestle with serious problems in a centuries, even if we come out of it clear much further down the road.

Mother Earth & Transformation

First hour boarder, initiator Daniel Pinchbeck talked about the federal of the Mother Earth, and approaching trends in venereal movements. The biggest fight we aspect is still the ecological emergency, including depleted resources, species extinction, and air mutate, he well-known. «And if we look at the rigidity of our routine, fundamentally there has to be some nice of mutate or transformation...a rearrange from a competitive/domination based paragon to one that's more cooperative and symbiotic,» he remarked. Further, he sees consideration undergoing a metamorphosis-- a possible wide-ranging awakening where we could upon a new nice of venereal infrastructure in which transparency and care abound.

Gossip partition guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Steve Kates «Dr. Sky»

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