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DAATH is a radical-industrial-liquidation metal merge formed in Atlanta, Combined States, in 2003.

Eyal Levi, Sean Farber and Mike Kameron, old medial-disciples friends and bandmates, started the circle and later enrolled in the Berklee College of Music in Boston. As with many other outfits, they left side disciples to fully condense on their new merge.

The origins of the band«s name sign in times past to the Hebrew vocabulary. The consultation daath means understanding, a , not-flexible-to-attain understanding. In the words of co-father Mike Kameron, “On a batty plain, DAATH acts as a doorway between propensity and consider castigate, and in our id the writhe between those two aspects of consider castigate is what causes most of the ills in the midwife precisely.” (reproduce taken from the band»s website.)

DAATH's first album, «Futility», was released in 2004, to a a-ok treatment from the music midwife precisely. The album was independently produced by the merge. Heretofore, they had released a solitary called «Child Says/Filter».

After getting signed by Roadrunner Records, DAATH went to the studio to set out on expos for their sophomore magnum opus. They released a solitary («Ovum»), in 2006. In 2007 the band's second enormously-ultimately, «The Hinderers», saw the gegenschein. It was received with kudos by the metal community.

DAATH«s music fuses elements of liquidation, thrash, and awful metal with elements of industrial music and with technological mastery and tale intricacy sensible of radical metal. According to the merge, DAATH have a lot of influences that sweep from Gustave Mahler to the Doors to Aphex Pair, of course going over liquidation and thrash metal masters. "I don’t think that we’re accustomed liquidation metal. I would say that we’re radical different music. We unsheathe from various styles of different music – liquidation, awful, annihilation, whatever… we up in electronica, we up in orchestral, we up in some epitome overwhelm. We’re definitely not sticking to liquidation metal. We’re not limiting it. We’re always trying to ripen, and we already unambiguous which aspects of our signal articulate we want to spotlight more. Our ambition is to add new elements with each track record, and hopefully we’ll always be doing something that people like.” (Eyal Levi, quoted in the band»s website.)

This Discography includes the following albums:

Futility (2004)
The Hinderers (2007)
The Concealers (2009)

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