The Atlantics - Now It's Stomping At The Same Time 1963 [Contributory Surf Bankrupt]

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The Atlantics — Now It's Stomping Convenience Life 1963 [Supportive Surf Destroyed]

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Biography by Richie Unterberger

One of the greatest supportive surf groups did not even pelt from America. The Atlantics, despite their name, were an Australian combo who not only emulated the look of California surf music, but ranked among its very best practitioners. Featuring a reverb-sad, damned «wet» look, the Atlantics attacked master matter, standards, and silent picture themes with a nervy mix of faithfulness and over-the-top vigour. As in Dick Dale«s music, touches of Halfway Point Eastern influences can be detected in the rhythms of melodies (some members of the gather claimed Greek and Egyptian tradition). Their second fix, «Bombora,» went to the top of the Australian charts in 1963, and the ape-up, «The Crusher,» was also a big hit. But Beatlemania spelled commercial termination for the Atlantics, as it did for U.S. surf combos, in 1964 and 1965. After several albums and a few more equally gossamer supportive singles, the Atlantics became a vocal gather in the last half of the »60s, but are most famous for their supportive recordings.

The Atlantics were an Australian surf destroyed bunch in the antediluvian 1960s and arguably Australia's most famous of the . Most well-known for their paradigmatic hit, «Bombora», their later recordings such as «Come On» are examples of 1960s garage destroyed. They were the first Australian destroyed bunch to make a note their own hits. In 2000 the gather reformed with three of the master members, and they are still actively releasing new matter and performing live.

Background Antediluvian years

Formed in the southern beachside suburbs of Sydney, Australia in antediluvian 1961, the gather began performing locally, and soon gained an vigorous following. Argumentative to the accepted surfing connotations of their name they actually took their name from a neighbourhood pub of petrol, Atlantic. In antediluvian 1962 they appeared on a neighbourhood pub tube present New Faces, where they were voted «Most Favourable Gather of 1962.» They signed a transaction with booking vehicle Joan Royal, who convinced the members to give up their day jobs and generate a demo, which she shopped to a make of track record labels. After several rejections, they were signed to CBS Records in 1963. The A&R commissioner for CBS, Sven Libaek, was especially impressed by the group's master compositions. Most Australian supportive destroyed bands at the convenience life merely aped and covered matter from The Shadows or, to a lesser size, The Ventures. The Atlantics had the benefit of having duplicate result in guitarists, both favourably gifted on alone line and both gifted of pushing the bunch along with a driving rythmn. It was this, together with the bunch members European cultural influences (in general Greek with some Yugoslav and Hungarian — all members came to Australia as little one migrants) that gave their music that quarrelsome touchy over other neighbourhood pub bands of their day.

In February 1963, CBS released the first fix, «Moon Man» b/w «Dark Eyes». «Moon Man» was an master ado written by Peter Hood, and «Dark Eyes» was a routine be on the qui vive reinterpreted by the bunch. While the fix was not a hit, it did reach enough prominence for CBS to acquiesce in to proceed to foundation the gather.

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01. The Crusher

02. Coral Island

03. Tequila Stomp

04. Tahitian Waters

05. Teddy Bear´s Snap Stomp

06. Hootenanny Stomp

07. The Gremlin From The Kremlin

08. Shark Attack

09. SOS (Stomp On Stomp)

10. Stompede

11. Arabian Surf

12. Stomping Time

13. Moon Man

14. Bombora

15. Rumble And Rum

16. Peter Gunn

17. Turista

18. Teensville

Paradigmatic lineup 1962-1970

Peter Hood — Drums — 1961 to present

Theo Penglis — Result In & Arsis guitar, later Keyboards 1961-1970

Bosco Bosanac — Bass — 1961 to present

Jim Skiathitis — Result In & Arsis guitar 1962 - present

Other members

Johnny Rebb — Result In Vocals — 1965-1970

Eddie Matzenik — Guitar — 1961-1962

Brian Burns — Guitar 1985

Martin Cilia — Guitar — 1999 to stylish (new associate, replaced Theo Penglis in stylish gather)

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