VA - Kamasutrance Broadcast Steer Vol. 2 - 2012 [psychedelic half-conscious]

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VA — Kamasutrance Boom Box Represent Vol. 2

Sort: Psychedelic
Identifier: DNA Records
Catalog#: DNA013
Rls Rendezvous: 2012-04-22
Contrivance: CDDA
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Manner: Shared Stereo
Tracks: 10
At Long Last: 73:04
Hugeness: 130.08 MB


01. Kamasutrance — Tabula Rassa 07:13
02. DNA — Believe 07:11
03. Outsiders vs Frankness Fighters — Glitter 07:42
04. Underbeat — Revipe of Joy 07:43
05. Faders vs Indra — Stopping-Place Natbag 06:53
06. Aquatica vs Sesto Sento vs Systemic — No One Can Discontinue Us Now 07:09
07. S-B Bawling — Iron Dome 07:11
08. Overwhelm Hackers — Existence Every So Often Appearance 06:56
09. Essential Deprecation vs Whey-Faced Bawling — Apex Endanger 07:19
10. Bizzare Nation vs Spade — Southern Sensations 07:47

Rls Info:

The new age of half-conscious music starts here, and it starts now.

DNA Records is happy to file the thirteenth unchain as a identifier and this every so often it's a compilation of the identifier presented.

After the big ascendancy of «KamaSutrance Boom Box Show» that entered to Psyshop top 20 design, the represent must go on, and on it goes. «Kamasutrance Boom Box Represent Vol 2» is the 2nd compilation which is now born from the well-known collaboration between DNA Records and Israel's foremost music boom box position Boom Box Darom.

We produced this vivid at long last CD so you can portion it with the hundreds of thousands of our listeners the remarkable know they intuition in each and every one of Ofir KamaSutrance broadcasts.

You're about to get on meals through an jeopardize of riding sub sonic vibes with vivid primal dubbish percussion artwork on the psychedelic highway. The 21st century shamans of the th thrash headed by some of the biggest Israeli electronic producers will be foremost your way.

«Kamasutrance Boom Box Represent Vol 2» is a surreptitiously eye pick of the subsequent of electronic music and an genuine drop, better licked, from the sturdy that will be delivered by Ofir KamaSutrance, later this year in his upcoming alone album.

So, Let The «KamaSutrance Boom Box Show» go into!

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