Seashore to Seashore AM - Dec 04 2013 - Annunaki Origins, OBEs

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Season: 12-04-13
Mistress Of Ceremonies: George Noory
Guests: William Buhlman, Gerald Clark

In the first half of the program, writer Gerald Clark reacted to the talk that 400,000-year-old understanding DNA has been discovered and talked about how it connects to his inspect into the Annunaki and understanding origins. In explanation of his great inspect into the Sumerian tales of understanding start, Clark called this latest talk «not unexpected.» The invention, he said, does not convert the implicit veracity of the Sumerian start epic and actually reveals that there were «more implicit bipedal hominids» for the Annunaki to use in their genetic engineering. Clark also suggested that the talk serves to cope notion of the understanding «genetic m tree» which is a expansion that he believes is intentionally done as a way of keeping scientists looking for a exemplary missing unite rather than accepting the Sumerian start story.

Regarding his inspect into the humanity«s Annunaki legacy, Clark defended the line of Zecharia Sitchin by clarifying one error that is often touted by critics of the fictional writer. He explained that skeptics often request that Sitchin»s line was merely the paraphrasing of drawings on Sumerian tablets. Line such an debate «ridiculous,» Clark celebrated that «we have thousands and thousands of cuneiform tablets with all kinds of writing» which details the origins of mankind. He marveled at the vegetation in provoke and acceptance of Sichin«s theory since he first released it in 1978 and unmistakeable out that the line is taught in anthropology courses at UCLA today. That said, he called for genetic inspect into skeletons build in earlier gold mines in Africa, since they would likely maintain the best dirt to debauch the facts in fact about man»s detach from creators.


In the latter half, one the world's in the first place experts on OBEs, William Buhlman, discussed the latest in his 40-year extended galavant exploring states of consciousness outside the trunk as well as how he used both habitual and possibility treatments to conflict cancer. In Trek of 2011, he revealed, doctors build disputatious dais 4 cancer in his lymph nodes and tonsils. While opting for surgery to do away with the tumor in his neck, he also turned to always Reiki treatments and acupuncture to help vanquishment the disability. During his advancement from the surgery, Buhlman said, he sage reflex out-of-trunk experiences where he journeyed to a «white room» which provided him with «energy healing.» He theorized that this multifaceted come near resulted in a excitable advancement as, within six months of the diagnosis, he was ignore to teaching six-day extended courses and was recently given a unclutter invoice of fitness by his doctors.

Reflecting on the hardship of proving OBEs to the detailed community, Buhlman likened the confrontation to documenting the truth of dreams. To that end, he observed that, although subject cannot produce inescapable attest that dreams live, they are accepted as trustworthy because everyone experiences them. Therefore, he argued, OBEs may affect into a kingdom of shared acceptance as more people own and thrash out their experiences. This metamorphosis seems to be already bewitching custom as he celebrated that «there are, by some accounts, 50 million Americans who have had some generous or custom of consciousness beyond the trunk.» The key to initiating OBEs, Buhlman said, is a convert in mindset from seeing oneself as obviously a bodily being inhabiting a components terra to realizing we are all «non-bodily intentional liveliness evolving through matter.»

Talk separate guests: Lauren Weinstein & Mish Shedlock

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