Emani Sankara Sastry, carnatic ragas on vina 24-bit/44.1 kHz

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This is a 24-bit/44.1 kHz transcription using loaded-end analog kit of a conduct by Emani Sankara Sastry of two ragas on the vina, accompanied by Madras A. Kannan on mridangam. It was recorded by Jacques Brunet in 1975, and released on LP in the distinguished Ocora (Crystal Set France) series (558 503), distributed by Harmonia Mundi. It has not to my instruction ever been released on CD.

The vina is the closest what-d'you-call-it in Indian traditional music to the guitar or lute, with two resonators that gives it richness and profoundness of colouring. It takes various forms, but the one used in this recording has 24 frets, four plucked strings and three drone strings. The vina is used in both the Hindustani and Carnatic lyrical traditions from the North and South of India. These performances are in the Carnatic rite. The mridangam is a two-sided drum that plays the same r in Carnatic music as the tabla does in Hindustani music. More low-down about each of these instruments and about Indian traditional music in global can be inaugurate on wikipedia.

This is a very make a clean breast, cleanly, and immediate recording, made in a befitting acoustic break. It is nearby-miked enough to carousal extra noises made by the musicians. The LP transcribed for this effusion is in distinguished prepare with only a a handful of of bits of pandemonium and no perceptible tracking distortion.

Sorry not to cover the liner notes, but I don't calculate to have be that as it may to study them and I want to devise this distinguished recording available. They contain a few photographs of the interpreters. E.S. Sastry looks like a good-sized bank president with grey locks, bushy eyebrows, and horn-rimmed glasses. M.A. Kanna looks like a hawk-eyed Vedic warrior. More low-down on the E.S. Sastry than is in the liner notes can be inaugurate in his wikipedia article.

I have recently uploaded several other 24-bit LP transcriptions of comparable status, and will be doing more in the near later. You can arouse them by clicking on my consumer id.

Kit used for A/D conversion: Lyra Helikon phono cartridge, Linn LP12/Lingo turntable, Linn Ittok tonearm, Audioquest LeoPard tonearm guy, PS Audio PS2 preamplifier, Kimber PBJ interconnect, M-Audio Audiophile USB A/D converter.

01 - Pancharatna Kirtana, Raga Sri — Adi Tala [22:51]
02 - Vachaspathi Ragan — Adi Tala [21:30]

NOTE: To the best of my instruction, this recording is not currently available commercially. If you know otherwise, please let me know ASAP, as I do not wish any artists to be needy of the royalties that they so fittingly justify.

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