The Hotelier - Goodness (2016) [16.44 FLAC]

  • 16.06.2016, 20:09,
  • Music

The Hotelier — Goodness (2016) [16.44 FLAC]

Style: Rock
Styles: Emo, Indie
Fountain-Head: WEB
Codec: FLAC
Bit type: ~ 1,000 kbps
Bit extent: 16
Test type: 44.1 kHz

01 N 43 59 38.927 W 71 23 45.27
02 Goodness Pt. 2
03 Piano Player
04 N 43 33 55.676 W 72 45 11.914
05 Two Deliverances
06 Put An End To the Scar
07 Split for my Grandmother
08 N 42 6 3.001 W 71 55 3.295
09 Subdued Animal
10 Sun
11 You in This Light
12 Awe of Good
13 End of Reel

It is not enough to say that The Hotelier have grown older, or wiser, or more of anything. We can bit a forward movement, if we like, from the unsound empowerment of It Never Goes Out to the ashen disillusionment of Almshouse, Like Noplace Is There. We can tread an awakening of salad days in suburbia attempting to learn what is right, and what is ours, and what is possible and out of the question, and maybe we can«t put away each other like we thoughtfulness we once could. We»re up and we're knackered and we want proclivity in our lives again. And so we track down ourselves now in Goodness, in the woods outside of the suburbs, trying to re-learn that proclivity.

But we aspire a lay out outside beat. Once in a while we can discern it, like a clearing. Where our histories and our rhetorics grade into languages verbal and unspoken. Where the greatest awe comes upon us for the overlooked, the unostentatious, the incomperhensible. Where things glitch as they pull, rebroadcast as they evolve, squeal as they soup. Where always and forever above us, in all of its logical, unexpected, preterhuman proclivity, shines the moon. Goodness is not this estate -- goodness is nowhere -- but we are following it to where we have to be.

After all we've gone through, how unsophisticated are we? What is age softening in us, what is it hardening in us? Are we getting better? Worse? How could we ever know, when outstanding forces us progressive away from ourselves? Will the woods fritter away the suburbs; will the suburbs fritter away the woods? In the gaps between these prominent questions, in the tiniest details, in the infinitude of cycles outside of beat, there is Goodness. We arise there.

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