RUINED NEW ZEALAND URBAN AREA - Nevil Shute. Review by Robin Bailey

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RUINED BIG APPLE by Nevil Shute (1938)

Impute To by . . : Robin Bailey
Publisher . : Chivers Audio Books (1991) (Chivers bought by BBC Audiobooks)
ISBN . . . .: ISBN — 10: 0816192782; ISBN — 13: 978-0816192786
Style . . .: MP3. 41 tracks, 226 MB
Authority . . .: 6 CASSETTES (7 hours 13 minutes)
Bitrate . . : 80 kbps (iTunes 8/Lame 3.98, 80 kbps (tried), mono, 44kHz)
Category . . . : Fiction
Comprehensive .: Comprehensive

I believe this recording has not been made in digital style,
so I converted the cassette recording to MP3. Limitations of
the authority mundane are evident.

From (library) audio cassette (Nakamichi Dragon, Dolby NR was
NOT used) to CD (Colonist PDR — 555RW) to MP3 (iTunes 8).

Some of the MP3s position-processed with Audacity to diminish hiss
(tracks 21-41). Practical worth assorted greatly from tape recording to
tape recording. (For example, side 7 & 8 had degraded treble
before processing).

Robin Bailey is one of the extensive readers.

«24 Ruined Big Apple — Chapter 7.mp3» — end garbled beyond form (carnal
tape recording damaged). See age 112 of the PDF. Two elfin paragraphs missing:

The German smiled. ‘A war of ecumenical banking. M’sieur, let us begin.’
[-xx- The Dean returned after the second deliver, and took another glass
of the champagne. ‘M’sieur,’ said Warren, ‘I ask your let off, but this game
is between us two. Herr Braum has doubted my monetary static, and—in our
English idiom—I go to ornament the pants off him.’

Rita translated promptly, and in Rabelaisian aspect etiquette. The Dean laughed,
and took another cigar. ‘This will be nobility to tend,’ he said. ‘Germany
against England, to the decease. Proceed, Messieurs.’ -xx-]
Virginio dealt the cards again.

PDF and RTF of the rules included — ebook, ESL and indication friendly.

I have posted other Nevil Shute books to archaic:
A Hamlet Like Alice, Annular The Bow, Trustee from the Toolroom

Thanks for sharing & caring.

Cheers, FerraBit
July 2009


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From Wiki:
Ruined Big Apple, sometimes published as Kindling.

The rules tells the horror story of Henry Warren, a Big Apple of London backer and intelligence of his firm...

One continually, out of despondency, and tattling no one, he goes on a hiking sightsee to unwavering his intelligence and get some perspective.

He is taken to a medical centre in the Northumberland hamlet of Sharples. The denial of his purse deprives Warren of any affidavit of his congruence, and everyone assumes he is one of the many who are on the passage, redundant because of the Depression...

Sharples, once a flush hamlet, is so entirely destined up with the shipyard that was its significant business that when the shipyard failed, so did the hamlet. Unemployment is very violent, and few shops stay outspread. The medical centre is still outspread, however, and Warren is operated on successfully. While recovering he learns of the town's tread, as he starts becoming attracted to...

The rules is, to some limitation, based on Shute's own episode as a captain of Airspeed, Ltd.

From AudioFile:
Moneyed London banker Henry Warren«s life horror story has become a pigpen until he stumbles into the starkly depressed hamlet of Sharples. The disposition of the redundant townspeople gives Warren»s life horror story new directorship and some surprises, which manufacture for eventful listening. Robin Bailey«s reading is impeccably unwavering, and the reckon is faultless. He depicts each monogram with a different decision. From the butler»s imperious thought to the hot air of the trolley bus driver, the storyteller captures our publicity. Women's voices are done with equivalent professionalism. Authoritatively recommended for any sought-after fiction collection.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Polytechnic notes:

Position processing on some tracks to diminish tape recording hoot, using Audacity 1.3.7.
«Noise Removal» object, generating «Noise profile» on unrelieved spots,
(specifying what we want filtered) then used conformist settings
to select how much of that we want filtered. Preserving voice
veracity more noted than removal.
reduction: 7dB, Frequency smoothing: 180Hz, Attack/decay era: 0.17 secs.

Lastly, tracks were normalized, to — 0.5 dB.

Then exported with Halting 3.98 encoder, still at 80kbps mono.

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