Bonnie Raitt - 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

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Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream

(HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]
Bonnie Raitt in 2004

Bonnie Lynn Raitt (born November 8, 1949) is an American blues canary, songwriter and slip guitar better. During the 1970s, Raitt released a series of roots-influenced albums which incorporated elements of blues, astonish, ethnic group and native land. In 1989 after several years of deprecating acclaim but little commercial attainment she had a dominant results to unrestricted prestige with the set free of her album Pinch of Formerly. The following two albums Accident of the Put Together (1991) and Extol in Their Hearts (1994) were also multi-million sellers generating several hit singles, including «Something to Talk About», «Love Sneakin« Up on You», and the ballad «I Can»t Tidy Up You Passion Me» (with Bruce Hornsby on piano).

Raitt has received 10 Grammy Awards. She is listed as add up 50 in Rolling Stone magazine's laundry list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Formerly and add up 89 on their laundry list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Formerly.

Slipstream (HDtracks)

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Artist: Bonnie Raitt
Crown: Slipstream
Form: 12 × Submit, FLAC, Album, Remastered, 24bit 88.2kHz (HDtracks)
Processor: Bonnie Raitt, Joe Henry
Set Free Steady Old-Fashioned: April 10, 2012
Classification: Red Wing Records
Catalog: HD886443366954
Class: Blues, Blues Astonish, Astonish, Americana
Duration: 57:14

Slipstream is the sixteenth studio album by Bonnie Raitt, released in April 2012. American Songwriter Journal praised it as «her best album in years and one of the best of her 40-year career.» Two singles were released from the album, Gerry Rafferty's «Right Down the Line», and «Used to Disregard the World», both of which charted on the Billboard Triple A plot. The album also spawned a immensely best-selling concert sightsee. The Slipstream Sightsee was the 82nd best-selling American sightsee of 2012 earning 11.3 million dollars and selling 201,313 tickets.

The album was listed at No. 22 on Rolling Stone's laundry list of the top 50 albums of 2012, saying «As pubescent stars like Adele and Katy Perry extend over her songs, Raitt continues what she’s been doing, more or less, for 40-plus years.»
The album won for the Grammy Assign for Best Americana Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

AllMusic Scrutinize by Thom Jurek:
Slipstream provides abundant impregnable of just how much fans have missed Bonnie Raitt since 2005«s Souls In The Same Manner. The album was recorded over a span of a year at Bounding Main Way in Hollywood and at Joe Henry»s Garfield Quarters. The four tracks cut at Henry«s studio in 2010 and 2011 extend over two of his own songs, and two covers of Bob Dylan tunes («Million Miles» and «Standing in the Doorway») from the latter»s Formerly Out of Bent. Raitt«s part has never sounded better. She»s expanded her lessen selection with an expressiveness that is profound, means, and rings emotionally accurately -- though she«s sacrificed none of her higher jot. Her part can order and paint the town red a bitter tenderness. Customer Restaurant Check Frisell appears on three tunes here. He»s on both Dylan tunes and his lyrical, pretty impress is also heard on her consummate reading of the Henry/Loudon Wainwright III motif «You Can«t Decline Me Now.» On «Million Miles,» the interplay between Frisell«s signature emphasis and Raitt»s awkward tense slip calling is symbiotic. On the latter, Raitt«s part sounds like it»s lining the android soul at its most yield and willfully defenseless vulnerability. It reminds us of what made her readings of «Love Has No Pride» and «I Can»t Tidy Up You Passion Me» so signal. Henry«s unchanged of players -- Patrick Warren, Jay Bellerose, and Greg Leisz -- are all in tow; they cater the unhurried, hot under the collar spaciousness that»s now de rigueur in his calling with other artists (he reserves his adventurousness for his own records). Raitt says she«ll set free the accomplish Garfield Quarters sessions in the following. She produced the coffee break, contribution sound impregnable of what her energetic ribbon -- guitarist George Marinelli, drummer Ricky Fataar, keyboardist Mike Finnigan, and bassist James Hutchinson -- is clever of in the studio. The forcefulness is kinetic, immediate, and occult in the throbbing cut. Her reading of Gerry Rafferty»s «Right Down the Letter,» with its reggae backbeat, rocksteady bassline, funky clavinet, and the interplay between Raitt and Marinelli, adds dimension and nature to the native -- which is just what covers are obliged to do. «Down to You,» written by Marinelli, Raitt, and Randall Bramblett, has the touch of Little Feat«s «Easy to Slip» but is more necessary and punchy. On another ballad, Al Anderson and Bonnie Bishop»s «Not Cause I Wanted To,» Raitt expresses her answerability in a relationship«s nonentity with out-and-out openness and intrepidity. «Ain»t Gonna Let You Go,» by Anderson and Bonnie Bramlett, is a healthy, crunchy, uptempo blues driven by Finnigan«s B — 3 and Wurlitzer, and Raitt»s wrangling slip and take-no-prisoners vocal. Though very different from one another, Slipstream«s two end result styles perfect one another well. That said, Raitt»s means ribbon is so experienced and gut, it would be provocative to heed her minutes them energetic in the studio as she did players on her earliest records -- but that«s a wish, not a critique. There are a few lesser moments, but they don»t distract; Slipstream reveals Raitt at another original peak.

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

01 - Used to Disregard the Formerly — 4:13
02 - Right Down the Letter — 5:27
03 - Million Miles — 6:21
04 - You Can't Decline Me Now — 4:15
05 - Down To You — 3:56
06 - Take My Passion With You — 4:21
07 - Not Cause I Wanted To — 3:32
08 - Ain't Gonna Let You Go — 5:58
09 - Affiliation Made In Hollywood — 4:53
10 - Split Decisiveness — 4:33
11 - Normal In the Doorway — 5:19
12 - God Only Knows — 4:26


Bonnie Raitt — vocal (1-12), tense slip guitar (1-3, 5, 8, 10, 11), grouping (2),

acoustic guitar (3), tambourine (10)
Mike Finnigan — Hammond B3 (1, 2, 6-10), approval vocal (1), clavinet (2), piano (5), implement

(5), Wurlitzer (6, 8, 9)
George Marinelli — tense guitar (1, 2, 5-7, 9), balance vocals (2, 5), acoustic guitar (6,

9), approval vocals (6), shakers (8), mandolin (9)
Johnny Lee Schell — tense guitar (1)
James «Hutch» Hutchinson- bass (1, 2, 5, 6, 8-10), incorruptible bass (7)
Ricky Fataar — drums (1, 2, 5, 6, 8-10), timbales (2), tambourine (9, 10)
Luis Conte — percussion (1, 2, 6)
Maia Awkward — approval vocal (2, 6, 9), balance vocal (7)
Restaurant Check Frisell — tense guitar (3, 4, 11)
Greg Leisz — acoustic guitar (3, 4), pedal screw up one's courage to the sticking point (11)
Patrick Warren — piano (3, 11, 12), Wurlitzer (4), drive implement (7), keyboards (11, 12)
David Piltch — incorruptible bass (3, 4, 11)
Jay Bellerose — drums (3, 4, 11)
Al Anderson — acoustic guitar (6-8), commence individual (7), balance vocal (10), tense guitar (10)
Jeff Pubescent — approval vocal (6)
Paul Brady — balance vocal (9)

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

Bonnie Raitt — 2012 - Slipstream (HDtracks) [FLAC@88.2khz24bit]

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