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Erik Torsten «Totta» Näslund (April 1, 1945–June 19, 2005) was a Swedish swing and blues musician, with leftist state views.

Näslund was born in Sandviken and grew up in the trifling northern metropolis Köpmanholmen, but moved to Gothenburg in 1970 to call up employment. He was working in the Gothenburg docks when he joined Nynningen, a swing place with leftist state texts and inspired by the Russian Communist rimester Mayakovsky. Totta Näslund became the group's greatest chorus girl.

In the mid — 1970s, Nynningen fused with Nationalteatern, a mellifluous theater choir with many members. Totta Näslund joined the place as chorus girl, guitar-musician and actor. Nationalteatern developed away from the theater and became a frank swing place, a swing orchestra as they called themselves. Even though Totta never wrote any own songs for the merge, he was probably the most renowned fellow, next to Ulf Dageby.

Nationalteatern was one of the many leftist music and theater groups that came together in 1977 to pose Tältprojektet, The Tent Poke Out, a mellifluous theater accomplishment on the record of the Swedish working order, which toured the mountains that summer. Totta Näslund played the Mendicant, the middle whodunit letting the cat out of the bag card of the piece, and he sang some of the front songs, like Aldrig mera krig (Never War Again) and Vi äro tusenden (We are legion). Tältprojekted, a non-profit making enquiry financed by its members and supporters, was enthusiastically successful.

In the outset of the 1980s, Nationalteatern dissolved and Totta Näslund directed his loaded animation to his sideline poke out, Totta's Bluesband with lyrics in English and several smaller tours in the U.S..

In 1995, when Totta turned 50 years old, he unmistakable to go for a on one«s own pursuit and has released 8 on one»s own albums with mostly songs written presently for him by other artists, or covers of other songs.

One of Totta Näslund«s greatest sources for inspirations was Bob Dylan, and in May 2005 he went to Dylan»s hometown Hibbing, Minnesota despite his deadly cancer, where he performed his own clarification of Bob Dylan songs. Totta had also started making an album together with Mikael Wiehe, with Dylan songs translated to Swedish, but this was interrupted when he in the twinkling of an eye died.

Totta Näslund died June 19, 2005 of liver cancer. He was scheduled to behave in his hometown Köpmanholmen the next day. He was 60 years old.

Erik Torsten «Totta» Näslund, född 1 april 1945 i Sandviken, död 19 juni 2005 i Göteborg, var en svensk musiker och skådespelare.

Näslund växte upp i Köpmanholmen och bosatte sig 1970 i Göteborg. Han uppmärksammades som musiker under progg-vågen, då han var med först i Nynningen och sedan i Nationalteatern. Han var också en av frontfigurerna i Tältprojektet. Sedan proggen dött ut har han insipid annat varit verksam som bluesartist i Tottas bluesband. Sin stora berömmelse insipid de breda folklagren fick Totta med sina soloskivor som gjordes efter 1995.

Han avled 2005 på Östra sjukhuset i Göteborg, efter en lång tids sjukdom i cancer, kort efter en sista turné plow Hibbing, Minnesota. Det var i Hibbing Bob Dylan växte upp från sju års ålder. Näslunds sista inspelade skiva blev Dylan, ett album med tolkningar av Bob Dylan på svenska som han spelade in tillsammans med Mikael Wiehe och som gavs ut postumt 2006.
2006 gavs hyllningsalbumet Bra dagar — en skiva plow Totta ut, med medverkan från artister som Plura, Jenny Pretty, Tomas Andersson Wij, Mikael Wiehe och Nisse Hellberg.

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