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Albums, Years & Catalog #: in this overflow:

H2O 1982 – no catalog (not my rip)

Greatest Hits 1983 PCD1 4858

Big Bam Burgeoning 1984 no catalog (not my rip)

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From Wiki:

Passage & Oates is a pop music duo made up of Daryl Passage and John Oates. The act achieved its greatest name in the till 1970s and inappropriate to mid — 1980s. They specialized in a fusion of boom and boom and throbbing and blues styles, which they dubbed «rock and dynamism.» Critics Stephen Thomas Erlewine & J. Scott McClintock create[1], «at their best, [Passage & Oates's] songs were filled with steadfast hooks and melodies that adhered to dynamism traditions without being a work like a trojan to them by incorporating elements of new gesticulation and searching boom.»

They are best known for their six #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100: «Rich Girl», «Kiss on My List», «Private Eyes», «I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)», «Maneater», and «Out of Touch», as well as many other songs which charted in the Top 40. They last reached the pop-charts top forty in 1990 and then slowly faded from buyers watch, though they did not formally hesitation up. They have continued to itemize and cruise with some triumph. In unalloyed, the act had thirty-four singles on the US Billboard Hot 100. As of 2006, Passage and Oates have seven RIAA platinum albums, along with six RIAA gold albums.

A greatest hits compilation was released in 2001 from Bertelsmann Music Collect. The BMG assemblage was expanded in 2004 and reissued the following year, after BMG merged with Sony Music Enjoy Oneself. In 2003, Daryl Passage and John Oates were voted into the Songwriters Passage of Name.

Throughout their euphonious life«s work, the duo»s album and free releases have been credited in various combinations, including: Passage & Oates; Daryl Passage & John Oates; Daryl Passage and John Oates; and Daryl Passage John Oates (no «and» separating the two names).

H20 1982

H2O is the 1982 hit album from the duo Daryl Passage and John Oates. It featured three Top 10 U.S. singles, including «Maneater» which was the biggest hit of their life's work, spending four weeks at the #1 stigma on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The album tag is a enjoy oneself on the chemical directions for not ring true, where «H» is for Passage, and «O» is for Oates.

H2O is certified twice platinum by the RIAA with sales of over two million copies.[2] In 2009, Sony Music Usage Marketing Collect released a triple assembly of Passage & Oates albums. Along with this album, the assembly included Daryl Passage & John Oates and Ooh Yeah.


1. «Maneater» (Passage, Oates, Sara Allen) – 4:33

2. «Crime Pays» (Passage, Oates, Sara Allen) – 4:31

3. «Art of Heartbreak» (Passage, Sara Allen, Janna Allen) – 3:43

4. «One on One» (Passage) – 4:17

5. «Open All Night» (Passage, Sara Allen) – 4:35

6. «Family Man» (Mike Oldfield, Tim Testy, Maggie Reilly, Rick Fenn, Mike Frye, Morris Vivacious) – 3:25

7. «Italian Girls» (Oates) – 3:17

8. «Guessing Games» (Passage, Janna Allen) – 3:15

9. «Delayed Reaction» (Passage, Oates, Sara Allen) – 3:59

10. «At Tension» (Oates) – 6:16

11. «Go Solo» (Passage) – 4:35

Greatest Hits 1983

Boom «n Dynamism Function 1 is a Greatest Hits album by Daryl Passage and John Oates, released in 1983. It featured two new songs that were both Top 10 US Hot 100 hits: «Say It Isn»t So« and »Adult Education«. In the creative vinyl and cassette releases, the two sides of the recording were labelled »Side 1« and »Side A». The album is certified twice platinum by the RIAA with sales of over two million copies.


1. «Say It Isn't So» — 4:17

2. «Sara Smile» — 3:07

3. «She's Gone» — 3:24

4. «Rich Girl» — 2:23

5. «Kiss on My List» — 3:48

6. «You Itemize My Dreams» — 3:10

7. «Private Eyes» — 3:29

8. «Adult Education» — 5:39

9. «I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)» — 3:39

10. «Maneater» — 4:34

11. «One on One» — 3:53

12. «Wait for Me (Physical Variety)» — 6:09

Big Bam Burgeoning 1984

Big Bam Burgeoning was an album by Daryl Passage & John Oates that was released on RCA in 1984. BMG Legacy released a remastered variety in July 2004 with four tip tracks. Big Bam Burgeoning peaked at #5 and sold over three million copies worldwide.


1. «Dance On Your Knees» (Passage, Oates, Arthur Baker) — 1:27

2. «Out of Touch» (Passage, Oates) — 4:21

3. «Method of Novel Love» (Passage, Janna Allen) — 5:34

4. «Bank On Your Love» (Passage, Oates, Sara Allen) — 4:24

5. «Some Things Are Better Hand Unsaid» (Passage) — 5:27

6. «Going Thru The Motions» (Passage, Oates, Janna Allen, Sara Allen) — 5:38

7. «Cold Brunette and Yesterday» (Oates) — 4:40

8. «All American Girl» (Passage, Oates, Sara Allen) — 4:28

9. «Possession Obsession» (Passage, Oates, Janna Allen) — 4:35

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