Stevie Wonder - Discography (1962-2009) 320 kbps [Quintessence, Soft quintessence, Funk, Pop quintessence, R&B, Jazz]

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Formato: MPEG Audio — 1 Layer 3
Frequenza: 44.1 KHz
BitRate: 320 kbps (mp3)
Lenght: 64:16:40 (881 canzoni)

== Albums / Compilations ==

1962 The Jazz Vitality Of Little Stevie
1962 Impost to Uncle Ray
1963 The 12 Year Old Virtuoso (Endure)
1963 With a Flap in My Courage
1964 Stevie At The Seaside (HCD)
1966 Down to Dejected Planet
1966 Uptight (Everything's Alright)
1967 I was made to beloved her
1967 Someday at Christmas
1968 Eivets Rednow...Alfie
1968 For Once In My Viability
1969 My Cherie Amour
1970 Signed Sealed And Delivered
1971 Greatest Hits Vol 2
1971 Where I'm coming from
1972 Music Of My Certain
1972 Music Of My Certain (Japan SHMCD)
1972 Talking Laws (Audio Fidelity AFZ 076)
1972 Talking Laws (Japan SHMCD)
1973 Innervisions
1973 Innervisions (Japan SHMCD)
1973 Endure at the rainbow (CD1999)
1973 Endure In Brighton
1974 Fulfillingness First Finale
1974 Fulfillingness first finale (Japan SHMCD)
1975 Endure In NYC 2CD
1976 Songs In The Key of Viability (2CD) (Japan SHMCD)
1976 Songs In The Key of Viability Vol I (Primary)
1976 Songs In The Key of Viability Vol II (Primary)
1979 Gallivant Through The Affair Viability Of Plants (2CD) (France)
1979 Gallivant Through the Affair Viability of Plants Vol I (HCD UK)
1979 Gallivant Through the Affair Viability of Plants Vol II (HCD UK)
1980 Hotter Than July
1980 Hotter Than July (Japan article sleeve SHMCD)
1984 I Just Summons To Say I Beloved You (Singles LP+CD2010 HDCD UK)
1984 Primary Musiquarium 1 (2CD)
1984 The Ball In Red (OST)
1985 In Just Cyrcle
1985 Beloved Songs — 20 Outstanding Hits
1987 Characters
1987 Characters LP 48kHz
1991 Jungle fever (HCD OST)
1991 Music From The Flick Picture Show Jungle Fever (OST)
1995 A Tenebriousness of London
1995 Palaver Inoffensive
1996 Greatest Hits Solicitation (HCD)
1996 True To Viability Wonder (2CD) (Endure)
1996 Flap Reassessment (A Greatest Hits Solicitation)
1998 A jazz impost to Stevie Wonder
1999 At The Shut Up Shop Of A Century (4CD Box Set)
1999 In The Seventh Heaven Ballads Solicitation
2000 First Hits
2002 The Exact Solicitation CD1
2002 The Exact Solicitation CD2
2003 Formulation (An translation of Stevie Wonder's songs)
2004 Dejected Note Plays Stevie Wonder (VA Tributes)
2004 Clashing DJ Spinna & Bobbito CD1 (All Clashing Up)
2004 Clashing DJ Spinna & Bobbito CD2 (Direct Up)
2005 A Hour To Beloved
2007 Copy Ones
2007 Stevie Wonder's Damned Treasures (Archives)
2009 Best Of
2009 Endure At Last 2CD (London 2008)
2009 Never Dreamed You d Discontinue Me In Summer (Unmarried 07-09-2009)

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