Standup Comedy - Andy Andrist - Stupid It Down For The Masses

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Andy Andrist — Voiceless it Down for the Masses — 2006Remember the first beforehand your parents hand you about alone and within the first hour you somehow rest your way into your big brother’s 2 Function Party albums, your dad’s stealthily porn stash, and your mom’s flask of Goldschlager she kept private centre a pair off of her gingerbread shoes she told you to never go near? Well, all innocence is once again re-desperate as cerebral raunch-teur, Andy Andrist, awakens these repressed feelings of wide of the mark-blameworthiness-ridden-joy with overwhelmingly carrion-ridden exorbitance on Run For Substitute For Up! Records latest coin available «Dumb It Down For The Masses.» Andrist offers the period an casual way to delight in lifestyle and answer all of life’s problems all in one CD… by dumbing it down… and drinking… a lot. Andrist invites his audience into a period of humorous bibulate induced activities where natural anarchy lives and retarded people are brought along for the fun of it and not just for a handicapped parking speckle and purposes of administrative correctness. And, even though this CD in itself is a charity to friendship, coin sure you rod around for the private compensation alley where Andrist imparts his hilarious perspicuity about gays and God onto an audience of Quakers… seriously. And just like when you were hand about alone for the first beforehand, after listening to «Dumb It Down For The Masses,» you might have to mind Sesame In Someone's Bailiwick and prise yourself to cry in busted to regain your euphonic youth innocence and look your parents in the eye.

Andy Andrist — 01 - Intro by Doug
Andy Andrist — 02 - Voiceless it Down
Andy Andrist — 03 - Steadfast Olympics
Andy Andrist — 04 - Handicapped Parking
Andy Andrist — 05 - Incongruous Rights
Andy Andrist — 06 - War on the Homeless
Andy Andrist — 07 - Killers for Hire
Andy Andrist — 08 - Coon Hunter
Andy Andrist — 09 - Death
Andy Andrist — 10 - The Carnival
Andy Andrist — 11 - Too Many Erections
Andy Andrist — 12 - Sod First
Andy Andrist — 13 - Adversity Channel
Andy Andrist — 14 - Wal-Mart Sucks
Andy Andrist — 15 - Private Alley

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