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While the two former Best of UB40 collections neatly divided the band's achievement between their more federal inappropriate aeon and their later, covers-oriented pop prosperity, they were also only ten tracks apiece.

The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000 is the first encompassing segregate-disc overview of the band«s trade, and it»s a lot more humanitarian at 18 tracks (on the American form). It isn't arranged chronologically, which actually helps the programming by splitting up the covers over the course of the uninterrupted correct.

There«s a bit more toughness to the earlier songs, both in the lyrics and the punchier performances. Yet in the end, the sonic differences are faint enough that serendipitous fans should still be able to make merry them (unless they only want to understand the bunch performing reggae-pop versions of oldies they already know). Skimpy though it is, The Best of UB40, Vol. 1 is still the compilation for purists enamored of the band»s inappropriate vocation, assuming they don't want to put in the means for the first albums.

But with its somewhat well-balanced range and incorporation of all the band«s U.S. hits, most American listeners who want a UB40 compilation will chance The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000 exactly what they»re looking for.
[The purport form juggles the railroad listing and uninterrupted correct a bit, excising a four of Pains of Fervour II's American travel hits in favor of older songs and reggae covers of Jamaican provenience. Also, the form of «Red Red Wine» is the shortened cut out, without the toasting demolish at the end.] (AMG)


01. One In Ten [4:33]
02. Red Red Wine [3:03]
03. Kingston Township [3:50]
04. Higher Grouts [4:21]
05. Prince [4:36]
06. Cherry Oh Spoil [3:18]
07. I Got You Babe (With Chrissie Hynde) [3:09]
08. Come Rear Pleasing [3:28]
09. The Clay Dies Screaming [4:38]
10. If It Happens Again [3:43]
11. Don't Demolish My Boldness [3:50]
12. Can't Help Falling In Fervour [3:29]
13. Watchdogs [4:16]
14. Tell Me Is It Right [3:24]
15. Rat In Mi Caboose [3:05]
16. Familiar Woman [3:22]
17. Jovial My Fervour [3:46]
18. Breed Me Your Cup [4:09]
19. Nourishment For Intelligence [4:11]
20. Tell Our Own At A Bargain Price A Fuss [4:05]

Business – Howard Gray (tracks: 10), Ray «Pablo» Falconer (tracks: 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 11), Bob Lamb (tracks: 5, 19), UB40

Marker: Virgin / DEP Cosmopolitan
Released: 2000

Codec: Flac
Compression Consistent: 6
Rank: High

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Covers Included (600dpi)

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