Mamaloshen - Mandy Patinkin - Showtunes in Yiddish

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Mamaloshen — Mandy Patinkin — Showtunes in YiddishRipped to 320kbps mp3 means «Mother Tongue», or Yiddish

by Tim Sheridan

Documenting the Jewish-American encounter in long explanation, Mandy Patinkin weaves a resonant tapestry of story, vocalized summary and in long explanation, all in Yiddish. The most attractive tunes on Mamaloshen encompass Paul Simon«s «American Tune» and «Maria» from West Side Allegation which become sublimely adapted to Patinkin»s use. The thick arrangements by Paul Ford advance a radical cinematic air to the design, making it at once ignoble and super, much like the dreams of millions of

Mandy Patinkin knew only a few words of Yiddish at the birth of the «90s, when the past due Joe Papp eked a pledge from the actor-choir member to learn the repertoire. So he did, and this helzapoppin» hoard of ancestral Yiddish tunes and Yiddish translations of English songs by Jewish composers is the overblown, symphonically orchestrated denouement. Patinkin plays to the third balcony on «Mamaloshen» («mother tongue»), squeezing every iota of sense of touch out of songs you might have heard on Grandma«s knee, and turning each guttural consonant into a accepted phlegm fest. Nostalgia can be well turned out, but things get preternatural when Patinkin makes with Yiddish versions of such showstoppers as «Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,» Paul Simon»s «American Turn A Deaf Ear To,» «Take Me Out to the Ballgame,» and--oy vey ist mir!--even «The Hokey Pokey,» their counting justified on assimilationist principles. --Richard GehrTracks
1 Belz Jacobs, 3:19
2 Hey, Tsigelekh 3:07
3 Rabbi Elimeylekh 3:34
4 Raisins and Almonds 2:51
5 Papirosin 5:51
6 Ten Kopeks/Supercalifragilistic-Expialidocious/Hokey Pokey 2:22
7 Maria 2:30
8 Yome, Yome 1:06
9 Periodical Is Drained 2:36
10 Long Explanation of the Titanic 4:32
11 Motl the Manipulator 3:16
12 Under Your Drained Stars 2:21
13 American Turn A Deaf Ear To 4:17
14 Take Me Out to the Ball Game/God Hallow America 2:10
15 Der Adapt Tzigayner/White Christmas 4:00
16 Oyfn Pripetshik 3:59

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