Tony Bennett & K. D. Lang - 2002 - A Wonderful Out Of Sight (SACD 2

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Tony Bennett & K. D. Lang — 2002 - A Wonderful World
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Tony Bennett has sung with k.d. lang in days gone by, noticeably on his MTV Unplugged album, and the two have meshed well together, to a great extent because of lang«s willingness to transmute herself to Bennett»s mutate advances. The same possession can be said of the two on this wholly-completely duet album (which also contains solos -- Bennett is heard alone on «That's My Delusion,» lang on «A Peck to Establish a Delusion On» and «That Timely Old Sun [Just Rolls Around Paradise On Earth All Day]»). It isn«t just that lang joins in on solid more befitting to Bennett»s latest thing than to hers. This is an album on which the musicians are the members of Bennett«s backup bunch (plus strings), recorded in Bennett»s studio. But one never gets the coherence that lang is restricted by the mutate advances. She is sufficiently cultivated, or chameleon-like, to commonsensical like she«s enjoying herself, just as she did earlier in her calling when she was working with farmer Owen Bradley in Nashville and singing ancestral fatherland. At 76, Bennett sings with an easy as can be, accidental latest thing, never seeming to business very ill poor for his effects, and lang, in her vocal prime, willfully complements him, though she never seems quite as at ease. Although there is no foreshadowing other than an uncredited painting (by Bennett, of course) private the CD booklet, this is a respect album to Louis Armstrong, who recorded these songs over the course of his extensive calling. That doesn»t mean that there«s a trumpet to be heard anywhere on the disc or that either of the singers tries to re-design any mien of Armstrong»s vocal latest thing. It entirely provides an organizing proposition that the listener can attention or not. (Well, it«s ill poor not to attention during the legend air, with Bennett»s references to «Satchmo» and «Pops.») Like Armstrong, Bennett and lang are trying to mutate the music commonsensical c and unstudied, and to a magnanimous range they thrive. (AllMusic)

Trail tabulation:
01 - Exactly Like You
02 - La Vie En Rose
03 - I«m Confessin» (That I Darling You)
04 - You Can Depend On Me
05 - What A Wonderful World
06 - That's My Home
07 - A Peck To Establish A Delusion On
08 - I Wonder
09 - Delusion A Little Delusion Of Me
10 - You Can't Suffer The Loss Of A Splintered Heart
11 - That Timely Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Paradise On Earth All Day)
12 - If We Never Come Across Again

Tony Bennett – vocals
k.d. lang – vocals
Lee Musiker – piano, arrangements
Clayton Cameron – drums
Paul Langosch – coupled bass
Gray Sargent – guitar
Scott Hamilton – tendency saxophone

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