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Robert Asprin — Tall Tale Directions 1982 (Unab) Tall Tale # 3

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Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Ace; later printing version (November 15, 1986)
Vernacular: English
ISBN — 10: 0441555292
ISBN — 13: 978-0441555291

Tall Tale Directions is a 1982 humor dream novel by Robert Asprin, large of the MythAdventures series.

Plan synopsis

Tanda wanted to get Aahz a birthday tip, so she decides to strand Skeeve in to help windfall her a corresponding exactly tip for Skeeve«s mentor. After restless through several dimensions Skeeve hasn»t managed to eat anything on the arrange a pilgrimage so Tanda takes him to Jahk, a dimension where the people are either too hollow-cheeked or are overweight. When they show up in Jahk they windfall themselves in the halfway of a observation, which they later windfall out that Ta-hoe (the borough where they are) has recently won «The Big Game». When Tanda sees the silverware she has a eureka mo and decides to filch it. But everything is not all that it seems. When they gadget their system they windfall the silverware gone and the alarms sounded! Skeeve manages to evade pursuing to Klah (his haunt dimension) but, Tanda gets captured. After a brief disclosure to Aahz the two of them top to Jahk to liberating Tanda.

They show up pursuing in Jahk and with the help of a inherited exemplar called Griffin they build out what happened to the silverware. The preparations for the upcoming war between Tahoe and Veygus (the borough who Ta-hoe fight against in «The Big Game») seemed insane to Skeeve, but Aahz was showing more venerate than seemed imaginable towards the Jahk's. They also build out that the houdini who was holding Tanda prisoner. was actually Quigly (from Another Clear Tall Tale). Unfortunately Skeeve makes a thoughtless compact which makes evade for Tanda a lot harder.

After that, Aahz and Skeeve went to Veygus to filch the silverware pursuing. They went to the Veygus houdini Massha to see what the confidence was like for the silverware. When they build out that they could only filch the silverware when it was on they created a bypass to arrange sure no-one was around when the shawl the silverware.

After piracy the silverware Skeeve for ever told Aahz why they tried to filch the silverware in the first go on. When Aahz finds out he becomes very bet on to large with it, but it gave him a system. They trample depart the Jahk's at their own target dissemble... literally.

After pulling a work together together they drama «The Big Game» against Ta-hoe and Veygus. In the target dissemble after Aahz «gets knocked out cold» Skeeve manages to get Tanda to drama so they win 1 and a half to 1 and a half to 1.


Skeeve — Brute suitable in this series of books. Court Houdini to Possiltum and a name far above his au courant with of scoop at magik.

Aahz — Skeeve's mentor. With blue-eyed eyes and unripe scales he is with no the most recognizable suitable in the books.

Tanda — A curvaceous trollop with sustained unripe plaits and olive fell. She is a unchained slit assassin and wouldn't feel interest about stooping to piddling crime.

Griffin — Skeeve and Aahz's exemplar and a son of an commissioner of the Ta-hoe army.

Quigley — Used to be a Cacodaemon huntswoman ( see: Another Clear Tall Tale). In this list, however he is a houdini for Ta-hoe and the child who is holding Tanda Prisoner.

Massha — She is the Veygus houdini. In the barter she is called a mechanic as she uses her precious stones instead of her own powers. Massha is with no recognizable as her honest-to-goodness prescense is staggering.

Chumley — A troll that Skeeve meets in the «Yellow Biconcave Inn». It soon turns out that he is a lot smarter than many people thinks, as in eminent he puts on his «Big Crunch» act to «keep the riff-raff away». In this list he is large of the work together that plays «The Big Game» with Aahz and Skeeve.

Gus — A Gargoyle who works in the «Yellow Biconcave Inn». He has worked with Skeeve and Aahz before when they fought Big Julie«s army in Tall Tale Conceptions. He also becomes large of Skeeve and Aahz»s work together.

The Geek — A very noisome Deveel. He is a bookie who gives Aahz the prime tidings and rules of «The Big Game» but somehow manages to evade some key points of the target dissemble.

Big Julie — From The Outset he was the chairwoman of the army Skeeve and Aahz faced in Tall Tale Conceptions. Being the tutor mastermind that he is he coached the work together over the month they were given.

Prevalent Badaxe — He leads the Possiltum army and joined the Aahz and Skeeve«s work together. He also caught Massha»s eye.

Gleep — Skeeve's dragon and the definitive associate of the work together. At first he only seems to mishmash around but when the stony got going, so did he.


Klah — Haunt dimension to Skeeve. Not very technologically or magically advanced.

Deva — Haunt to the biggest year rich supermarket known as «The Bazaar». The locals are known as Deveels or «devils».

Jahk — This dimension is the key concentrate of this list. There are several references in later books in the series.

Gastropo — A dimension uncut of man sized snails. Skeeve gets an sweetheart there.

Avis — Uncut of bird like creatures. This dimension put a family background on Skeeve's magical capacity as he had to champion a deceive and fly at the same point.

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