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Ike & Tina Turner were an American broken-down & tube and individual duo, made of the mute-and-mate unite of Ike Turner and Tina Turner in the 1960s and 1970s. Spanning sixteen years together as a recording association, the duo's repertoire included broken-down & tube, individual, blues and funk. They are known for their fantastic and funny cut a rug shows and especially for their disparage stretch over of «Proud Mary», for which they won a Grammy Trophy. The duo were inducted to the Broken-Down & Tube Theatre of Eminence in 1991.

A Dock Feather 2006


Disc: 1

1. a Dock Feather

2. It's Gonna Calling out Well

3. Touched In The Head 'Bout You Babe In Arms

4. Too Hot to Include

5. I Bouquet Care

6. It Sho Ain't Me

7. Strength Is Just Integument Poseidon's Kingdom

8. Ain«t Nobody»s Task

9. Betcha Can't Say Farewell To Me Just One Beforehand

10. Funky Mule

11. I'm Fed Up

12. Read E Suggest 'Em Want

13. Wiped Out Psychology Retardate

14. You Got What You Wanted

15. Impudence Seem

16. So Dejected Over You

17. Cussin« Cryin» and Carryin' On

18. A Psychology Retardate in Fervour

19. I Better Get Ta Steppin'

20. Broken-Down Me Babe In Arms

Disc: 2

1. We Need an Sagacity

2. Ghetto Funk

3. Disastrous Angel

4. Black's Alley

5. I've Been Loving You Too Elongated

6. Motherless Baby

7. Audacious Individual Sister

8. The Stalker

9. You Got Me Event

10. Reconsider Babe In Arms

11. Candid I Do

12. Three O'Clock in the Morning Blues

13. Mean Old Out Of Sight

14. Dust My Broom

15. Grumbling

16. Five Elongated Years

17. Getting Rancid

18. Bootsie Whitelaw

19. Too Much Man for One Domestic

20. Mississippi Rolling Stone

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