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Anouar Brahem — Le Voyage de Sahar

My Brahem all-formerly beloved. Expectancy you like it too.

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Over the erstwhile 15 years, Tunisian oud old hand Anouar Brahem has assembled a relatively short but mysterious league of toil. A skilled improviser who refuses to be fragment of the verifiable authenticity pleading, Brahem works from the same triplet environs that performed on Le Pas du Palaver Noir in 2002, with pianist Franзois Couturier and accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier. The discussion between these players is, despite the sparseness of the music and the worthy interval employed, passionate. The acute listening necessary in the improvised sections allows for a expected bubble of ideas to come to light from muffle. The compositions themselves are skeletal, with repeating, slowly evolving vamps and words lines. They tender, on the covering, a contemplative way, and indeed can be heard that way. However, when dynamics, colour, and chromatics are listened for, what takes area is rather astonishing. Each virtuoso walks to the heart of a combination, steps cast off and reenters after ideas by the others are introduced, producing a amicable of expected improvisation infrequently heard. This is not to say that the most structured works here, such as «Vague/E la Nave Va,» aren«t entirely of abstracted amuse as well. They are, and there are immense spaces into which the listener can stick into and vanish for a while -- not so much to and vision as to be rapt in their hypnotic and relentless stunner. «Les Jardins de Ziryab» begins with Matinier»s accordion, which is answered by the oud and Brahem«s voice, accompanying them both. It unfolds from the center out. «Le Chambre, Var.» begins, for this assemblage, at a interpretation. Couturier»s chord voicing and Brahem«s percussive way make a winding dulcet chronicling that Matinier»s accordion underscores rhythmically. The keyboard and air reverberating make a topography where dedal melodic lines come out of modal and chromatic tensions. Basically, Brahem has given listeners another of his wondrous offerings, entirely of deceptively honest compositions that unbarred into a arcane to the max, one where stunner is so existing that it is nearly unfriendly, and it is up to the listener to overflow in the spaces offered them by this special triplet.

01- Sur Le Fleuve
02- Le Voyage De Sahar
03- L'Aube
04- Blank — E La Nave Va
05- Les Jardins De Ziryab
06- Nuba
07- La Chambre
08- Cordoba
09- Halfaouine
10- La Chambre, Var
11- Zarabanda
12- Ete‚ Andalous
13- Blank, Var

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