Jill Johnson - Well-known-Some other fair-haired boy stories-3CD 2010

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For many years Ive had the luxery of working in many different enviroments, with different producers, bad musicians and songwriters. All these meetings has developed me as an artist and given me so many wonderful experiences and memories. It feels really staunch to me, to bring some of the songs from these meetings in a box. All these songs, have in their own staunch way a bad purport to me. I experience humbled that you endure d present this box in your collusively and that my tag let me bring all my apple of someone«s eye singles and stories and top it off with a bad on one occasion hallucinate — a busy album. It is in my obey a plentiful box that I upon will be my pricey and patriotic listeners assemblage of their apple of someone»s eye songs and memories. Its also a bad production of my music for a new audience! You all encourage me more than you know! Thanks for being there.

Dearest Jill.

— - -

När Jill Johnson summerar sin makalösa karriär fram manure idag gör hon det med besked! I en unik och exklusiv samlingsbox ger hon oss hela tre album på en set! Ett med alla hitsen samlade samt fyra helt nyinspelade fight varav en duett med ingen mindre än Shard Taylor! Album nummer två innehåller de lite mer okända spåren från tidigare skivor. Den tredje skivan är en liveinspelning ifrån den utsålda konserthusturnen Music Row och den finns endast tillgänglig i denna 3CD-box. Att Jill tilhör det absoluta toppskiktet av Sveriges artister råder det inga tvivel om och genom den här fantastiska samlingsboxen befäster hon sin ställning med be like one possessed! Kort och gott den optimala boxen för alla som älskar Jill!

— - -

Jill Johnson — The well-known and some other apple of someone's eye stories 1998-2010
(3CD Stockholm Lionheart Oecumenical 2010)

CD1 The Well-Known

1. No Cry Quits
2. Whyd You Come In Here Looking Like That
3. Encounter And Decline Away
4. Angel Of The Morning
5. Say Something
6. Jolene
7. Cant Get Enough Of You
8. Hopelessly Loving
9. Someone To Praise
10. Cowboy Up
11. Forevers Going Subterranean
12. Its A Heartache
13. Desperado
14. Air To Paradise
15. The Tension Is On
16. Mothers Treasure
17. Round The Bend In Dearest
18. Top Of The Rapturous
19. Corrupt Without Your Dearest
20. Oh, vilken härlig dag
21. Kärleken är

CD2 Some Other Apple Of Someone's Eye Stories

1. Roots & Wings
2. Dearest Aint Nothing
3. Dont Experience Like Me
4. Dearest Lessons
5. When Dearest Doesnt Dearest You
6. Nathalie
7. Too Time To Be Drinking
8. Breakfast In NY
9. Something I Cant Do
10. Better Than Me
11. What Happened To Us
12. A Daily Knows
13. Babe Gloomy Journal
14. When Being Who You Are
15. Youre Still Here
16. Where The Rainbow Ends
17. Just Like You Do
18. Little Daily Of Vein
19. It Is Too Time

CD3 Babe Gloomy Journal (Busy)

1. Babe Gloomy Journal
2. Where The Rainbow Ends
3. Youre Looking For Me
4. Roots & Wings
5. I Should Have Sinistral Sooner
6. You Think Youre The Man
7. Say Something
8. Dont Experience Like Me
9. What Happened To Us
10. When Being Who You Are
11. A Daily Knows
12. You Better Think Again
13. Angel Of The Morning
14. Dearest Lessons
15. Better Than Me
16. Papa Come Expeditious
17. Jolene

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