(Blues) Rita Chiarelli - Sweetened Rapture

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Mark: Mad Iris Records
Styles: Brand-New stirring blues
Year: 2010
Art: Face

[4:12] 1. I Believe
[4:31] 2. Breathing-Spell My Bones
[4:07] 3. Home
[4:49] 4. Undemanding The Fire
[3:04] 5. French Kiss
[4:12] 6. Stone By Stone
[2:48] 7. If It Was Love
[4:44] 8. Going Down To New Orleans
[4:58] 9. 1000 Miles
[3:34] 10. Secretly To Blue
[4:41] 11. Cowboy's Lullaby
[3:42] 12. If It Was Proclivity Reprise

«Sweet Paradise», Rita's 8th untie, continues in her form of bringing us songs that we can all have reference to to in a civility and articulate that draws a more significant inner uniting between herself and her audience. Rita sings her songs from her woman and in doing so, touches ours.

«Sweet Paradise», which Rita co-produced with George Koller, consists of 12 songs, all brought into uncommon woolly from the experiences she had tense on from her patch forth in Mississippi and Louisiana, over the last few years. From down Swampy Blues to Woman Searching Roots, combined with a little tinge of Power Believe, «Sweet Paradise» more than covers the spectrum of emotions one expects when listening to Rita, in all her glory.«Sweet Paradise» is a very delicate example of what this cherished Canadian Minstrel — Songwriter is all about, and that is one whom has the tricky talents to unite with her fans on all levels.

I distribute this CD, my highest rating, Five ***** Superior CD... Thoroughly enjoyed it... Well Recommended...

There are not enough words in the lexicon of blues to style just how paraphernalia this woman«s articulate is. And I won»t even try it:...

...so here goes: maybe not, can«t discover the superlatives I»m searching for.

And harken to to the last misplace on the album. An prodigious woman-searching, consideration-breaking torch at a bargain price a fuss. One of the best torch songs you will ever consent. Better even than I Who Have Nothing; and mayhap even better than If You Go Away.

You have got to harken to to this, guys; for fuck welfare you have got to harken to to this.

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